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John Ward – Banks, Commisions & Elections : Yesterday You Were A Citizen, Today You Are A Subject – 19 April 2015

JohnWI got involved in an immolatory debate with some friends the other day about the average citizen’s reinvented relationship with the retail banking system. I was trying to point out to one guy in particular – a guest I’d never met before – that the change in my nomenclature from ‘customer’ to ‘creditor’ was a cynical (and typical) attempt to justify theft as and when it takes place at some time in the near future.

It went something like this:

“Rubbish,” said my main antagonist, “we’ve always been creditors. It’s just that like most people, you don’t understand the nature of the banking rules.

“Tell me,” I countered, “when you first opened a bank account, do you remember anyone in the bank telling you that if they f**ked up you could lose the lot?”

“Of course not”.

“Well then, why bring it up now?” Continue reading


OPPT, Banks, Governments, Corporations And You – 6 August 2013

By General Maddox.

As much as it’s tracking and tracing what you do online, you’ve gotta love social media. Why? Well the main reason it was set up to begin with was to bring people closer together and communicate more freely. This is how i came to stumble upon a particular documentary. One of the people i’m “Friends” with online posted a YouTube link. I had some free time one night so thought i would watch it and see where it takes me. Little did i realise that this would start me on a path to an incredible realisation and present me with some information i have dubbed an “Absolute Game Changer”. Continue reading

The Big Wall Street Banks Are Already Trying To Buy The 2012

The Big Wall Street Banks Are Already Trying To Buy The 2012. via 2012IndyInfo.wordpress.com by Laura Tyco

We are never going to restore legitimacy to our
political system until we get the money out of politics.  Typically, in federal
elections the candidate that raises the most money wins about 90 percent of the time.  In 2008, Barack Obama raised almost
twice as much money as John McCain did.  3 of the top 7 donors to Obama’s
campaign were big Wall Street banks (Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase and Citigroup).  Now Wall Street
is doing it again.  The big Wall Street banks are already trying to buy the 2012
election.  So who do they want to win in 2012?  Based on contribution patterns
so far, the overwhelming favorite of the Wall Street banks to win in 2012 is
Mitt Romney.  The big Wall Street banks have given to Romney as pile of money
that is more than 4 times larger than they have given to anyone else.  Even
though most Republicans really don’t want him, if history is any indication this
means that Mitt Romney is going to be the Republican nominee for president in
  Continue reading

European banks brace for Greek default | euronews, world news




European banks brace for Greek default | euronews, world news. via Euronews.net

G-7 Finance Chiefs Vow to Support Banks as Euro-Zone Crisis Roils Markets

G & Finance Chiefs Vow To Support Banks As Euro Zone Crisis Roils Markets 

via Bloomberg.com by Simon Kennedy and Theophilos Argitis

French Credit downgrade imminent !!! European markets to collapse

Watch with discernment: French Banks credit downgrade are forecasted. We will see if it happens. The consequences are mayor.


The self-fulfilling prophecy is on its way. The European Banks don’t trust each other and are therefore heading to a new Banking Crisis, which will lead to a worldwide deepening crisis. The Banks are afraid:  the effects of the debts are becoming clear. Banks don’t know  which banks are holding the debt of the American Mortgages. Also the  bonds of the weak European countries are not helpful. The banks are questioning each other if they get back what they lend other banks. I for instance applaud this system failure. A new system is needed. The old one is already obsolete a long time. Events follow each other quickly in the last couple of months. The last convulsions of the system are seen now.

I see also the downwards spiral of other figures in a lot of countries, jobs down, production down, spending consumers down, housing markets down, and so on. It seems to me that that also indicates the total system failure. Spending nor cut downs and savings will help. They don’t wanna accept the end of the ruling of private banking and excessive greed and ultimate capitalism.

Love and Light,


Banks dread US claims – Asking To Back Off – The End Of The System Is Near

U.S. Must ‘Stop Punishing Banks,’ Halt Putback Claims, FBR’s Miller Says By Hugh Son via Bloomberg.com 6th september 2011.


My comment:  The banks are getting the stick  and dreading the claims in court from the US Government. They want to have the US Government to back off as Miller says in the above article. The arguments differ from making the economic recovery even worse till arguments that they will damage the housing market.  All are non arguments in the face of the lies, fraud,  robbery and enrichment  the banks did. Yes that’s my opinion and that of een ever-growing group in the whole world. Also the large banks and lending companies were saved by the people’s tax money and still the banks would take people’s houses from them and give themselves big bonuses. They defied the people. Now the time is come to take back all that is not theirs.  Worldwide the resistance against this greed and untamed capitalism is now increasing.  And eventually they will have to see that they have to comply. The Federal Reserve Banking system is dead. No more private banking firms who dictate and issue money, or even have something to say about the money in any country, just as all other related organizations such as, World Bank, IMF, etc.

Money without any real value is no money. There is no backing of the money anymore with a value like gold. Therefore more has become  merely a believe system that says, believe in this piece of paper as something having value you can exchange for services and goods. The people must see that there is no legal obligation to pay back loans, mortgages, debt that is issued with no backing of a real value for instance a gold standard , thus real gold. People must see that they were driven into thinking that they owed banks and lenders money. But the banks and lenders knew they issued only a paper that says you owe them money. A computer input of your name and your address and Fiscal details and one click on the button and they have given you fake non-existent money digitally on your account. You have signed for paying back that amount with interest. Stupid you.

I hope people will see the injustice and enslavement on debt  that banks and the dark ones have imposed on all of us. The system is fraud and will end. You can see the last resistance of the banks and dark ones regarding keeping their power bases of debt and control.  The debt crises and austerity madness and money systems all over the world breaking up and failing say enough.   Nothing can be done to ment that. That is what they won’t accept. It’s over.

But don’t be scared, there is no need for it. Soon a new system will be in place that has all that this fraud system hasn’t got. A money system that is for the people by the people  for exchange. No greed and interest. But redistribution of wealth. No one will have nothing. So we can build a real new society that is loving, free and just. There is No uprising needed. No riots are needed. Fear of debt, poverty is No more . It will be coming sooner than you think. So be joy and happy. But keep critical and alert for those who think they can do everything without any scruples and without consequence. They will be taken to justice and trialed.


US ‘to sue major banks over mortgages’ – Americas – Al Jazeera English

US ‘to sue major banks over mortgages’ – Americas – Al Jazeera English.