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DL Zeta – Basking In The Eternal Sunshine Of Our Infinite Mind – 28 January 2012

Beauty and perfection exist all around us. They are contained within every breath and within every moment. The only imperfection we encounter is the incomplete nature of a physical-based consciousness that limits our ability to see all that is before us.

When our vision is limited, we tend to project our own incompletion and need for healing onto the present moment. If there’s anything we perceive as missing within our present reality, this is a tip-off that we’re projecting the template of our own consciousness onto the moment. This projection is actually beneficial because it provides us the opportunity to stop and observe and define for ourselves just what appears imperfect in our reality. By doing so, we receive clues as to changes we can make to transform our own consciousness so we are able to perceive the divine perfection present within every moment. Continue reading