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Tsunami Alert After 8.2 Quake Strikes Off Chile – 2 April 2014

BBC News

A quake of 8.2 magnitude has struck off northern Chile, triggering a tsunami alert and killing at least five people.

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BBC News – Al-Shabab Militant Base Attacked On Coast Of Somalia – 5 October 2013

BBC News

(Lucas : I last week talked about the possible new way of seeking war now Somalia is again targeted for the false flag by operatives and agents of the cabal done in Kenya to still get a war going now via Al-Shabab- (Al Shabaab) Islamist.  It is the new Al-Qaeda phantom that was sponsored and built to get in Africa things going for the Cabal… The attack today is showing that they are desperate to get to war. Israel is still hyping Iran as a threat now Syria is not happening for them. Now ‘Unidentified Foreign Forces’ attack Barawe Somalia from the sea with a raid on the town. The only ones being there are UK and American Vessels, Russians and NATO vessels from other countries also the Dutch have a fregat for the coast patrolling to fight Somali pirates. Let me say to you, we will hear more about it… of course!) 

Unidentified foreign forces have launched a night-time raid on a militant base in the south Somali town of Barawe from the sea, reports say.

Senior militants, said variously to be from Somalia’s al-Shabab Islamist group or al-Qaeda, were reportedly targeted.

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BBC News – Man Dead In Suspected Woolwich Terror Attack – 22 May 2013

(Lucas : after having a couple of things happening very quickly  and announcing a terror Cobra Meeting with the Cabinet  after the attack makes me think there is something not right and fishy about the story line here. But that are my thoughts and feelings about it.  In the attack black muslims were pointed out, etc. They where speculating already on what the consequences where for troops in the UK, people ….  It seems all a bit to convenient.) Continue reading

BBC News – Eurozone Finance Ministers Agree Deal On Greece Bailout – 27 November 2012

Eurozone finance ministers and the IMF have reached a deal on an urgently needed bailout for debt-laden Greece.

They have agreed to cut debts by 40bn euros ($51bn; £32bn) and have paved the way for releasing the next tranche of bailout loans – some 44bn euros. Continue reading

BBC News – Former Goldman Sachs Board Member Jailed For Two Years – 25 October 2012

Rajat Gupta Rajat Gupta described the guilty verdict as “devastating”

A former Goldman Sachs board member who was found guilty of four criminal counts of insider trading has sentenced to two years in jail. Continue reading

BBC News – Nigeria Oils Spills: Dutch Case Against Shell Begins – 11 October 2012

Nigerian farmers and their legal team at the law courts in The Hague. 11 Oct 2012 (Picture : The Nigerian farmers and their legal team argue that Shell could have prevented the spills)
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Nigeria’s Deadly Delta

Representatives of Anglo-Dutch oil giant Shell are appearing in a Dutch civil court to face accusations of polluting Nigerian villages.

The case is being brought by four Nigerian farmers and the Dutch branch of campaigners Friends of the Earth. Continue reading

BBC News – Greece Set For Anti-Austerity General Strike – 26 September 2012

Trade unions in Greece have called the first general strike since the conservative-led coalition government came to power in June.

Wednesday’s 24-hour walkout is to protest at new planned spending cuts of more than 11.5bn euros ($15bn; £9bn).

The savings are a pre-condition to Greece receiving its next tranche of bailout funds, without which the country could face bankruptcy in weeks.

Large anti-austerity demonstrations are also planned.

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