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Visionkeeper – Be Thy Self – 3 May 2013

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With springtime finally underway, now I can hardly wait for the glorious colors of summer flowers and their dreamy perfumes floating about in the air. This world has so many wonderful gifts to offer us everyday, but sadly for far too long many took these gifts for granted and did not appreciate them fully from their hearts. Thankfully this is changing now, everyday we see more people being moved by what they once might have considered mundane. Hearts are opening up and people are beginning to feel things deeply as never before. As these emotions well up within and at times spill out around us, we tend to worry about what others will think of us. Look at this space we have gotten ourselves into! ‘ This is how we must act or feel to fit in with the norm.’ What happened to our own individuality? What happened with just letting each other be who we choose to be and have no judgments attached? Why is being who we are so frowned upon? Continue reading