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Visionkeeper – Beauty All Around – 24 April 2012

(picture by http://www.favim.com)

I find it hard to imagine anyone wasting their precious energy worrying about dark possibilities that could unfold when there is so much beauty all around to be mindful of. Yes there are all kinds of evil, horrible things that could possibly occur but I for one do not wish to give these thoughts any energy to grow off of. As you think so shall your reality be. Is that the kind of reality you wish to live in? The two main sources of energy producing emotions are love and fear. You cannot experience both at the same time so the choice is always ours which way we choose to feel. By creating evil scenarios to scare the masses with, the dark ones hope to overpower the love emotion through fear and capture us in their web of lies. That can only happen if we allow it to happen. I hope people who read here often have figured out just how powerful you are! If we can continue to awaken people to this reality and get them thinking loving thoughts instead of wallowing in fear, we will become extremely powerful and God knows we need to be! We are in the fight of our lives right now.

Not only has the creator given us amazing beauty every place we look, he/she has also given us the gift of creativity. One can look at a dandelion gone to seed and see great beauty, one can look at a sunset and see magnificent beauty as well, but exercise your creativity just a bit and put the two together and you have an artful expression of beauty on a whole other level. We have not been exercising our creativity as much as we should be doing. There seems no need for it anymore since we live in a world where everything is there for us, no imagination needed. But it is! Imagination and creativity give life so much more depth and meaning. It adds dimension and texture and a new way of seeing things. Once again it is taking the extra step to think outside the box and break the chains that hold our numbed out minds captive. Continue reading