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WakingTimes – Dr. Stewart Bitkoff – Becoming Your Own Wise One – 11 November 2013

waking_times_logo_6-5-12_1“There are as many ways to God as there are created souls.”-Muhammad

In our culture, who assumes the role of holy or wise one? 

In more traditional cultures the holy, wise one is a central figure. Often, they advise the king/queen, sit at the right hand of the chief, understand human behavior and prescribe medicine, help pass along the oral history of the tribe, and have an inner connection with universal wisdom and Truth. When a difficult societal issue arises, this individual is central in helping decide direction or outcome. Daily, they are consulted on a variety of issues.

Today, this diverse role and function has been spread across a team of specialists. For guidance, we go to a priest, counselor, doctor, psychologist, historian, politician or lawyer. Because of the complexity of some issues, this specialist may not even live in our own community, and to consult them we make an appointment, months in advance, travel to get the advice/treatment and pay a fee. Continue reading