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Laura Bruno – Before and After Yard … Well, “After” Means “Still In Progress…” – 24 May 2014

laura-of-the-rocksI commented to Colette of Bealtaine Cottage that she is changing the world with her blog and said that our neighbors thank her for the inspiration to turn our yard from the “worst in Goshen” to a delightful permaculture garden experiment. Colette asked for photos to share inspiration from here, as well. I have been reluctant to post before photos, because a) we don’t really have the real “before” from when our landlord purchased this place on a tax sale and did a gut rehab; b) we purposely took our before photos at angles and from distances to make it not seem as bad as it really was, and c) I feel nowhere near “done” yet. I realize that one never finishes, but really … I have miles to go before I mulch! Nonetheless, I promised Colette a link with photos, so here goes: Continue reading