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Wes Annac – SanJAsKa: All Is Being Lead Toward A Wondrous Conclusion – 18 January 2012

-Channeled through Wes Annac-

The unraveling of the old paradigm is occurring all around you. If one could view events from an outward and slightly detached perspective, one would see that there have in fact been many major events and breakthroughs that have served to further secure the inevitable victory for the Light that is at hand. Even many revelations that have come to the fore, that have made their way to the public’s ears have opened the bottle for the genie to escape; for all to know the truth. Continue reading


Saul’s Way of Being with an Upset

Saul’s Way of Being with an Upset. via Steve Beckow.com by Steve Beckow

I’d like to draw attention to Saul’s most recent column (Oct. 9, 2011) to make the point that many of our sources are often talking about what Saul addresses here because these themes are so important to us right now.

I might mention in passing that I asked AAM in the private part of my last reading if Saul was indeed St. Paul.  He said that the statement was partly correct, but that it was more accurate to say that St. Paul was a part of the soul called Saul. I did mention this to John Smallman.

So Saul begins by saying that “many of you are finding life very trying at present as various issues that need your attention rumble around just below your level of conscious awareness, stirring up your emotions and making you feel sad, depressed, irritable, and plain angry.” My belief is that various issues are rumbling around just below consciousness because the energies are rising and making it more difficult for us to have our issues remain well below awareness.The rising energies can be said to be raising these issues to awareness.

So this is one reason why we may be feeling sad, depressed, irritable, and angry right now: because the energies are shaking loose the vasanas or sleeping volcanoes from earlier traumatic issues which carry with them the energies of sadness, depression, etc.

He continues: “Maybe you have tried sitting with those feelings in an attempt to identify their underlying cause, and then release them.  And it is quite likely that you have had difficulty making any progress because the feelings, the inner discomforts, remain, even though you cannot identify any issues that might be causing them.”

If we struggle with trying to identify the causes of issues, if we consciously try to identify the causes by thinking about them (in the sense of applying ourselves to thought), we’ll be unsuccessful because this is not the way the mind works. It will not identify the causes of issues if we struggle at it. We can ask it to identify the original incident that traumatic issues are attached to but we then have to sit back and allow the mind to work without exerting effort. Effort only overrules the natural working of the mind and defeats it.

Instead he recomends that we “just relax as best you can and accept the moods as they flow through you, and intend to release them.” Krishnamurti called this “choiceless awareness.” I’ve called it “being with and observing.” Just relaxing with whatever mood is there and watching the thoughts pass by if you wish. If you actually do see the thought which is the truth of the issue, seeing it may release you from it.  The truth may set you free. So it is fruitful to watch, but it is not fruitful to struggle with it. What you resist, by struggling, persists.

” They may last a day or two but they will pass, and when they do, you will feel lighter and more buoyant.” All moods do have a beginning, a middle, and an end. If they are unresisted they do pass. And, if they are unresisted, when they have reached their natural term and do pass, the chances are that you have completed the experience that lies under the issue and so contributed to its disappearance from your repertoire of issues.

“All feelings, all moods, all emotions pass; they are only temporary, although they may be repetitive.” They are only repetitive if we resist them each time they arise. If we relax with them and allow ourselves to experience them completely, they will become weaker and weaker and finally disappear.

“The more you can relax and accept them in the moment – without acting on them but acknowledging them and intending to release them – the more effective will be your intent to let them go.” Absolutely. Do you see that so many of our sources are saying the same thing?

The more we can relax with and accept our moods, without acting on them but simply acknowledging them, the more successful we’ll be in letting them go. That is not the way we usually be with sadness, depression, etc. We usually get quite upset at feeling that way and ask for a consult or a prescription.  We don’t usually just be with and observe moods like sadness and depression, etc.

If we learned in school the way of being with an upset that Saul describes here, our lives might have been substantially different than they have been. We’d have found that the amount of time spent in being upset would be drastically reduced and we would not be bothered with stuffed-down and temporally-persistent upsets. We would heave been clearing them in the moment rather than condemning ourselves to repeatedly feeling and resisting them. Less work for psychiatrists, less need for prescription drugs, mental hospitals, etc.

Saul goes on to show how we engage with our thoughts and, in doing so, create our reality – or rather the illusion.  But thoughts and feelings are just part of the illusion’s energy flow. Perhaps I’ll leave that part of his talk for another time. But what he has described above is what I’ve called the upset clearing process and I did want to demonstrate that so many masters and others describe this process.

Why? Because God Him/Her/Itself is stillness, acceptance, relaxation, no resistance. If we be with our upsets as God is, they, being impermanent creations of the mind, do disappear. All except God is impermanence. Let me repeat that: God is the only permanent thing there is. Anything material appears, persists for a while and then disappears, including our thoughts, feelings, and moods.

We’ve been given the power to make things be relatively permanent by our free choice. All we have to do is resist their leaving and they’ll be given a measure of permanence. But if we be with them as God is (acceptance, no resistance), they disappear like the impermanent creations they are, leaving only that which is permanent, which is God or the divine substrate.

The rest of Saul’s column is very good too. I just don’t want to make this column overly long. Saul, as he does so often, goes over the complete case for a free and full consciousness. That seems to be the special task that he has agreed to fulfill. A free and full consciousness would have us feel again as children, innocent and easily able to enter the Kingdom of Heaven, which in our immediate case would be to ascend.

Of course the Kingdom of Heaven has levels and there are countless levels above the Fifth Dimension, but compared to the physical plane or Third Dimension, the Fifth Dimension can be said to be “Heaven.”  (1)


(1) And in fact the Fifth Dimension, or Mental Plane as it is called on the astral side, is indeed referred to as “Heaven,” as St. Paul does when he says he met a man from the ‘Third Heaven.” This statement is the same as saying that he met a man from the third subplane of the Mental Plane.

All Third-Dimensional Beings Wear a Veil

All Third-Dimensional Beings Wear a Veil. via SteveBeckow.com by Steve Beckow

All of Us Wear a Veil

As we discuss the subject of the wearing of a veil of ignorance and forgetfulness in the Third Dimension, we’ll need to keep in mind that the Company of Light speaks sometimes to terrestrials and sometimes to starseeds.

All of us have descended from higher levels, but some of us are here only for this lifetime and others have been here for countless lifetimes. We need to keep straight who their comments are meant for.

Jeshua, for instance, addresses all terrestrials when he says that we took the veil of ignorance at the request of God to descend into Third Dimensionality and explore duality, but the veil itself prevents us from remembering our choice.

“God asked you, the ones that belong to the most creative, advanced and courageous part of herself, to take the veil of Ignorance. In order to experience the dynamics of opposites as thoroughly as possible, you were temporarily soaked in forgetfulness about your true nature.

“You consented to take this plunge into ignorance, but this fact was overlaid by the veil of forgetfulness as well. So now you often curse God for being in the situation you’re in: the hardships, the ignorance – and we understand. In essence though: you are God, God is you.” (1)

SaLuSa also tells us that our wearing of the veil as terrestrials is voluntary: “You accepted the veils that were drawn across your eyes as you dropped deeper into the lower vibrations,” SaLuSa tells us.

Alongside the terrestrial explorers of duality have come a generation of starseeds, whose job it was to model the doffing of the veil. The Sirian High Council describes them: “You are of a giant brigade of warrior souls who decided that you would come to earth to unveil your true essence as a master of creation and assist the world in the great ascension of human consciousness.” (2)

The Seven Sisters of the Pleiades, addressing the starseeds, tell us that “many of you have had to dim your light to fit into a world that was once unfit for such magnicifience.” (3)

Sananda also addressed these starseeds in 1990, reminding them that, whether they knew it or not, they were wearing blinkers. “You have, as all have, accepted limitations and veils and accepted more of the pain of life and the density that exists here into yourself and into your body. This will be released.” (4)

Whether terrestrial or starseed, we are all colonists who have come from other planetary civilizations, though very few of us are aware of that, SaLuSa tells us.

“Very few of you are privileged to know your true background, and where you came from to take part in duality. That will change before long, and many of you will have the chance to meet those who wait for a family reunion with you. You have come from many different civilisations, to give of your own particular skills and knowledge to uplift those lost souls upon Earth. Your journey is all but over, and the celebrations are about to begin.” (5)

Not many of us are aware, SaLuSa says, but “you will realise that you walked around wearing blinkers. That is no reflection upon your ability, but simply reference to the limited conditions thrust upon you by the lower vibrations.” (6)

The Third-Dimensional Veil is Very Dense

The Third Dimension of duality that all dropped down into is a very tough setting which contains many levels, Matthew Ward says.

“Third density is especially arduous experiencing because it encompasses so many levels, and the difference between its lowest and the first level of fourth density is as dramatic as night and day.” (7)

One of the impacts of this dimension, he says, is that “the limitations of Earth’s third density could affect accurate memory of all subsequent experiencing.” (8) We remember very little because of the density of this vibration.  Sananda once gave us a measure of the degree to which the veil cuts us off. He said that the veil allows us to use only a small fraction of our intellectual powers compared with ascended beings.

“You have been using a certain percentage of your grey matter. Some of you are more aware through meditations and psychic powers, but nevertheless you have been existing within a certain limited framework of consciousness.

So another difference between an ascended being and yourselves is that we have a one hundred percent mental capacity fully operating in our consciousnesses. And you have much less. I would say you use only ten to fifteen percent. Maybe I will give some of you the benefit of the doubt and say that you have used up to twenty percent. Congratulations! But you see there is a great deal more for you to be aware of, a great deal more for you to experience.” (9)

Saul tells is that the setting in which we agreed to incarnate is quite horrific compared to the higher dimensions we are used to. We wanted to experience separation from God and we have done so.

“The illusion you have made and continue to support, maintain, and rebuild is a quite horrific concept that is in complete opposition to the glorious wonder that is Reality. As I have told you before, you conceived of it as a way to experience separation from your divine Father, and to play imaginary games that are impossible in a Reality of unconditional Love.

“Initially, you were quite captivated by what it seemed you had made: an environment that allowed you to judge and condemn or to forgive and love, to hate and destroy or to indulge and allow. You seemed to have infinite power to use as you pleased, quite separately from one another, and, of course, the result has been chaos and confusion as you each seek ends that are divisive and incompatible.

“Finally, the extreme incompatibility of your separate agendas is seeping into your awareness. The insanity of the separate and divisive plans that you have been attempting to implement for so long is becoming apparent to you. You are ready for the enormous changes in attitude that are required to enable you to stop playing these unpleasant games and awaken, allowing the illusion to dissolve back into the nothingness from which you built it.” (10)

Not only were we born into this environment, Saul reminds us, but we reconstitute it every moment. It is so real to us that we cannot release ourselves form it.

“You seem to have your existence in the illusion which you collectively reassemble in every moment, otherwise it would disintegrate. Life and your environment do seem very real to you. And because it seems so real it is very difficult for you to release your belief in it and your attachment to it.” (11)

The Arcturian Group also recognizes what “a difficult school” this is “and you who evolve through the earth schools graduate as powerful and enlightened beings because you have awakened in spite of heavy third dimensional energy.” (12)

This harsh illusory setting was never meant to be a permanent home, SaLuSa says.

“You have been living in a reality that has been created by you, and served its purpose by fulfilling your desires. It was not however meant to be permanent, and would in any event have changed in response to the higher energies. Duality such as you have experienced it is not to continue beyond the end of the cycle, and that will also include the astral dimensions. Therefore all souls will make a freewill choice as to where their journeys will take them next. Your subconscious memories of having come from the higher dimensions will draw you back to them. You will instinctively feel that it is where your real home lies.” (13)

SaLuSa congratulates us for passing through the school of duality and being ready to graduate.

“You have learnt much through the cycle of duality, and it has served its purpose in bringing you to understand the opposites and still rise up. You are clearly spiritually stronger than when you started your epic journey through the darkness and lack of Light. It is in fact quite remarkable that given the loss of your true identity you have still managed to find your way back, and today stand at the door of Ascension. It is truly a wonderful achievement and you are to be applauded for it.” (14)

The Veil is Both a Blanket of Forgetfulness and a Dimensional Screen

The veil that all of us wear, from terrestrial to angel, causes a blanket of forgetfulness to fall on us and walls us off from being able to see other dimensions. Melchizedek discusses its impact on our memory of our origins.

“Many upon Earth have forgotten their roots, have forgotten their origins and the original reason and purpose for their incarnations upon the Earth. The denser energies have been very effective at creating forgetfulness within their Beings, but now all of that is in the process of changing and with change comes transformation on all levels of Being. (15)

Wanderer of the Skies tells us that the veil as a dimensional screen is becoming thinner and thinner.

“The veil between your world and the multitude of dimensions accessible to your Higher Selves is thinning beyond your ability to keep your third dimensional delusions about what is reality.” (16)

The Hathors also tell us that the veil between the dimensions is being lifted: “In some ways the veils between life and death are being lifted, and the veils between dimensions are being parted.” (17)

To Awaken is to be Relieved of the Veil

The process by which the veil is removed is usually referred to as awakening. Saul describes it: “To awaken is to lift the veil, disperse the mist, and leave behind the shadows to experience the glory of God’s divine Reality from which you have been hiding.” (18)

SaLuSa also tells us that the rising energies on the planet are responsible for our awakening: “the veil that has kept you this way is falling away, and as you draw more Light to yourself so you increase your degree of awareness.” (19)

As the veil lifts, SaLuSa says, “the Light will illuminate your mind with the truth of who you really are. In reality you are great Beings of Light, who stepped down into the lower realms for no other reason than that you wanted to expand your evolutionary experiences.” (20)

Not all of us are emerging at the same rate, SaLuSa informs us.

“Now you are emerging once again, and being reminded of your true selves and your history upon Earth. Not all of you are awakening together so there is the inevitable difference of opinions.

“That will however change quite rapidly, as the higher vibrations beaming to you are raising your levels of consciousness.” (21)

Lord Arcturus told us in 2009 that our awakening was causing us to reconnect to our soul groups – on both sides of the veil.

“Though you are becoming more of an independent circuit in terms of energy, you are also becoming more firmly connected to others in your vibrational fields of awareness. Very soon you will experience new levels of relationships from both sides of the veil. These new relationships of soul support will bring you unprecedented feelings of completeness as you work together with those from home to create your lives anew.” (22)

Archangel Michael told us recently that the timing of the veil’s removal was largely up to us.

Steve: What determines the time at which the blindfolds come off?

Archangel Michael: It is a combination, but 90 percent of the factor is the individual.

S: And in what respect, Lord? The individual –

AAM: The individual deciding that they have had enough. (23)

Suzann Carroll’s Arcturians tell us something of the process by which the veil comes off. She points to the merging and balancin of our masculine and feminine energies as being important.

“This Mystical Marriage of your inner masculine and feminine energies opens your Third Eye and High Heart, which have been latent within your earth vessel since your birth. This opening then allows you to begin the gradual unveiling of the illusions of your third dimensional reality. With the opening of your Third Eye and High Heart, new brainwaves come online in your computer/brain that can access and utilize your Multidimensional Operating System.” (24)

Matthew Ward reminds us that the high beings who planned the Golden Age realized that many of us would remain asleep and, to see that we woke up, seeded in our midst especially-advanced volunteers.

“When the highest universal council planned the Golden Age, it was anticipated that some souls that clamored to embody during the transitional period would succumb to third density limitations and forget their eagerness to be a part of it. Primarily the forgetful souls are those who wanted to complete third density karma so they could evolve with the planet into fourth density, if not physically, then in Nirvana, your spirit world that is ascending along with Earth. Knowing of that possibility, the council wisely included in the plan many volunteers from spiritually and intellectually advanced civilizations to be the vanguard and help the forgetful souls to the extent they are receptive.” (25)

But, no matter who is here to help us awaken, the task of awakening and of overcoming the veil remains with us. If we fail to emerge from behind the veil, we will not ascend, Matthew reminds us and tell us what is required.

“There is not much time left for those who still are sleeping behind the veil, so to say, to waken from the conditioning that has kept them so long asleep and unaware of their god and goddess selves. They must become consciously aware so they can separate the wheat from the chaff in their lives, in your world, and become spiritually prepared to accompany Earth into the higher planes of energy.

“It is not Earth who decides which of her beloved children will make the trip with her—she wants ALL to go!—and it is not an arbitrary basis that determines who goes and who doesn’t; it is just plain physics. The light of raised consciousness and spiritual clarity—the knowing that all life in this universe is inseparably connected with God and all other souls, and living accordingly—carries a frequency that enables physical survival in the energy planes where Earth is heading.

“Those who ignore the urging of their souls and instead choose to stay oblivious to this universal truth, do not have that light; and without it, they remain in their lower frequency that prevents bodies from surviving in higher energy planes.” (26)

Wanderer of the Skies foresees the time when the veil will drop and we will all rejoice as a reunited family.

“You truly are great and powerful Spiritual Beings. And we rejoice for the time when you will understand that firsthand, without the veil of forgetfulness, when we can all stand together as brethren in our galactic company.”(27)

Mira of the Pleiadians foresees a grand reunion when the veils finally lift.

“We have strong ties with the Earth and with humanity. We have a long history of being together. We will be coming back together as the veils lift and as the opportunities for our reunion present themselves.” (28)

So this then is our lot – that, whether as those who chose to have an extended experience on the Earth in the Third Dimension or as those who came here specially to help with this Ascension – we all wear the veil or blinkers. This veil causes us to forget our origins and be unable to pierce the screen of the dimensions. But soon the veil will be lifted and we’ll not only experience the return of full consciousness but will be reunited with the original planetary civilizations from which we hail and the families and star groups that we left to undertake this mission.


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SaLuSa: Your Veil is Being Rapidly Removed as You Awaken to Ascension

SaLuSa: Your Veil is Being Rapidly Removed as You Awaken to Ascension.

Message 12th August 2011 via SteveBeckow.com