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Bella Capozzi – The Earth Angels – Love The Animals For They Are The Gridkeepers – 22 December 2012

christmas-angels-christmas-32932906-500-691~ Blessings, Dear Children of the Earth.  It is a brand new day.  A gleaming, golden dawn breaks over Planet Earth, and with this newness comes a fresh set set of “rules”to play by,  you might say.  The game has entirely changed, although what we truly mean is that it has changed so much for the better.  The days of old have passed away – the days of competition, disharmony and strife.  Resent your Brother nevermore, strive not to best him but to match him in his goodness.  Take by your hand no other life, for no other life is yours for the taking.  Surrender to the Creator,  and in all ways and through all things, His will and Her will shall be done for the benefit of All. Continue reading

Bella Capozzi – Archangel Indriel – “From A Pumpkin To A Coach” – 19 December 2012

dulac_cinderella♡  This is a message I received upon waking, on the morning of the events at Sandy Hook Elementary.  Even though the content of the message is not directly connected to what happened that day -for many reasons I decided to delay posting it on Saturday, as I had planned.  I must be honest and say that since Friday I have been spending a great deal of time in reflection and meditation, and have been working on my own clearings and activations.  Up until now, I’ve never had a problem remaining detached from the craziness out there in the 3D world.  It’s been fairly easy to be a caring observer, and to focus only on sending love and prayers to the situation.  Not an overly emotional person by nature, this hasn’t been one of the issues I had to work on all that much.  Wow, has this week been a wake-up call!  I reacted in an extremely emotional and “human” way to this unspeakable tragedy. Continue reading

Bella Capozzi – Pleiadian Archangelic Realm : “Angels, Angels, Everywhere” – 14 December 2012

hs-2❄ With the opening of the 12-12-12 portal comes great shift and revelation.  We know that you have heard much about the changes you might expect, and the effects to be had upon both your Human physicality and your outer environment.  You are seasoned Lightworkers, the vast majority of you who regularly read these types of messages.  Continue reading

Bella Capozzi – “Make No Mistake, You Shall Be Called Into Service” – 9 December 2012

149397_153864464744876_100003639712110_197117_165012420_nNo matter your age, your profession, your current circumstances in life… make no mistake, you shall be called into service.  By way of your ministrations, you shall heal.  Through your words, you shall impart knowledge.  Your presence shall serve to awaken the lost and the seeking.  In the course of your work, you shall be one who enters into a darkened room and, like a beacon, suffuses it with the Light.  By virtue of your existence, you bring hope, peace and the quiet promise of a kinder, more compassionate world.  They shall look for you in days to come, these gentle souls.  Be to them the stars which brighten their darkened skies; be as the sun, rising up to illuminate the path they walk, to light their way.  Your presence here is that of a living, breathing significator of the dawning of the new age, and in due time they shall grow to recognize you as such.    These times are charged with promise.  All is aglow with possibility. Continue reading

Bella Capozzi – The Crystal Dolphin Pod – Reclaiming What is Already Yours – 8 December 2012

400289_303151283062932_1856169778_n☆ Greetings, Cousins.  We trust that on this day we find you well and brimming with optimism and joy.  These are brilliant times, believe us when we say so.  The future is sunny, the present a tranquil, glassy sea.  And the trials and tribulations of  the past are truly buried, dead and gone.  Oh happy, happy days swoop down and in and are upon us now! Continue reading

Bella Capozzi – Archangel Haniel – “Release What Is Toxic And Allow What Is New To Enter Your Life” – 2 December 2012

vogue-us-february-2010-classic-romance-natalia-vodianova-13636976-600-417With love I greet you.  It is I, Haniel.  In joy I speak with you on this day.   For this is the time of fresh beginnings.  This is the time of the purging of the old and the ushering in of your God-given mastery.  We stand witness to the dawining of the glorious Platinum Age of Light.  Heed the call, Dear Ones, and let not a second more pass you by that you are not fully encompassed in the enormous waves of love cresting over the planet.  Do not tarry, do not lag.  Dive in headlong and enjoy the sheer bliss of it all!  Can you not feel it already?  Those sudden rushes of the purest, clearest, love?  It is a sensation so long unfamiliar to you, and it is not that you did not ever know this feeling – it is that you simply forgot. Continue reading

Bella Capozzi -Message From An Un-named Being Of Light. “Grant Yourself Permission To Be Happy.” – 28 November 2012

* This message came in at about 5:oo this morning, just as I was waking up.  I have no idea who it was that spoke to me, but I am positive that he or she is very loving and benevolent.  I went to bed extremely well-shielded, and even now I can still feel the glow of warm, golden energy that accompanied this short transmission.  I hope that in reading this message, you all will feel the love from this being, too.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Continue reading

Bella Capozzi – “The Travel- Angels”: Getting To Know Our Loving Protectors, Escorts, And Firends – 25 November 2012

There is a fascinating, but somewhat lesser know company of Angels around us at all times.  A type of Guardian Angel, they stand ready to come to our aid at a moment’s notice, and always with an air of joviality and bright smiles on their faces.  This group identified themselves to me simply as the “Travel Angels”, a name that pretty much sums up what their mission with us is on the planet right now.  With the Holiday Season upon us, placing most of us out on the roads and airways more than any other time of the year, I thought it would be the perfect time to introduce these wonderful helpers to those of you who haven’t yet had the pleasure of meeting them. Continue reading

Bella Capozzi – Archangel Indriel – “Go Out And Spread Your Light” – 23 November 2012

♡ A blessed good day to you, Sweet Angels, and I pray that you are finding peace and a sense of optimism during this period of heightened vibration.  I feel such exultation in this now-moment, can you not tell?  Are you able to feel the love I send your way?  I am in truth suffusing you with a shower of glimmering topaz light, like a wash of crushed crystal.  My message is brief today, and it is most simple.  Continue reading

Bella Capozzi – The Council Fo The Venus Ray. “Hold Fast To Your Dreams.” – 20 November 2012

★ Dear Ones, your hard work has paid off in ways which, at this juncture of time, you can scarcely imagine.  And when time ceases to be no more, you shan’t need to imagine it, as you shall see it and know it without question.  It is only through the diligence of your efforts, the Lightbearers, that all is on point and proceeding according to Divine Plan.  So, what is the outcome of that plan, you may ask?  Why it is changing every day!  With the coming of each new morn, more and more of Humanity awakens, thereby shifting the details and the speed at which the transformations progress.  Off to sleep they go, in a state of blissful – or often not so blissful – ignorance;  only to arise the next day refreshed, renewed, and oddly more knowing then they were the evening before. Continue reading