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Ben Swann – Video: Police Officer Protects Rights Of Citizens Protesting TSA Pat Downs In Airport – 13 February 2014

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Ben Swann – EFF and ACLU Lawsuit Against LAPD, License Plate Readers Begins – 3 February 2014

Ben Swann

Posted by Samuel Eaton

This article was submitted by guest contributor Derrick Broze.

Last Friday the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) and the American Civil liberties Union (ACLU) of Southern California filed the opening brief  in their lawsuit against the Los Angeles Police Department and the Los Angeles Sheriff Department. The lawsuit deals with how the law enforcement agencies are using Automatic License Plate Readers (ALPR) to gather information. The two watchdog agencies argue that the two departments are illegally keeping quiet on how the information is used.

Ben Swann – U.S. Government, Judges, Police Depts, City Councils Ask Google To Remove Almost 4.000 Political Articles From Search Engines – 23 December 2013

Ben Swann

Reports came out yesterday in the UK covering Google’s newest release of their “Transparency Report.”  Turkey has been known for it’s total lack of press freedom, and now reports show the U.S. is approaching the same leagues as Turkey.


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Ben Swann – Why The Poor Stay Poor, Reaction to One Woman’s All Too Common Story – 26 November 2013

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We hear many news stories that are negative regarding the poor in the U.S. From Medicaid fraud, to “welfare queens”, to the recent food stamp recipients basically stealing at Louisiana Wal-Mart’s, there’s no lack of stories that look at the poor as a homogenous group, and somewhat dehumanizes the individuals.

In a stunning story that is quickly going viral, blogger Linda Tirado explains the psychology of poverty. Her story is called “Why Poor People’s Bad Decisions Make Perfect Sense”

She eloquently lays out how she makes decisions. Many of these decisions self-perpetuate a cycle of poverty.

“Rest is a luxury for the rich. I get up at 6am, go to school (I have a full course load, but only two in person classes), then work, then I get my kids, then I pick up my husband, then I have 30 minutes to change and go to Job 2.”

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Ben Swann – Secession Movement Growing In Two Surprising States – 24 November 2013

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The “secession movement” is currently picking up steam in two unlikely states: Colorado and Maryland. Groups of residents in both states cite leftist agendas and high taxes as reasons for wanting to become independent.

On Friday night, a group called Western Maryland: A New State Initiative met to discuss the secession of Western Maryland. They say their mission is “to form a new state comprised of Maryland’s five western counties.”

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Ben Swann – Libertarians Win Historical Lawsuit Against Election Committee – 3 November 2013

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Last year Jim Tomasik was elected as the Tennessee Libertarian Party chairman. Tomasik promised to bring change to the libertarian party of Tennessee (LPTN), make the party a viable force within the state and work tirelessly. Last year at the LPTN state convention one voter asked Tomasik, “Are you willing to put your name on a lawsuit in order to win libertarians the right to be on the ballot?” Tomasik answered, “Of course.”

A report compiled by the LPTN, the Constitution Party and the Green Party of Tennessee shows that the state has some of the most restrictive ballot access laws in the country.

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