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Kauilapele – Benjamin Fulford On Workers Radio Sydney From Febr. 29th 2012 Including Links To Mp3 And Videos – 4 March 2012

Benjamin Fulford is a journalist living in Japan is interviewed by WorkersRadioSydney 88.9fm in Australia by Host Jack Frost and ChrispyT (love the names!). Found this at RMN. The videos links are below (each opens in a new tab or window; and each has some neat cartoon and other pictures), followed by list of the mp3s created from them. I found this, as usual with Ben, a fascinating listen. He speaks of many things, in particular, the role of Prince Harry in the new financial scheme of things. Continue reading


Ben Fulford- Update – 3 January 2012

Hi Ben, I trust this finds you well? I have a couple of points to make. Firstly with regards to Queen Elisabeth she has three sons, namely Charles, Andrew and Edward. Harry is Charles’s son. The succession on the throne would be Charles then William (his son) and then Harry as things stand so it does not make sense what is being stated in your latest update. My second point is regarding demonstrations in the G5 nations, we have seen these happen already in the UK with regards to other issues such as the Iraq war and they have achieved nothing. Continue reading

Ben Fulford – New Asian Union Means The Fall Of The Dollar – 31 December 2011

In a comment made on a article posted at Ben’s Blog earlier he said:

” That strategy is precisely what I advised the Chinese to do and what they figured out for themselves too. The missing ingredient in that analysis is the understanding of what else China has been doing in preparation for this move. They have been buying far more commodities, especially metals, than they need. That is because they want their financial system to be reality based instead of fiat. Our faction is trying to save the dollar by removing all the fraudulently created derivatives from the books and backing the dollars with gold and commodities. Unfortunately, the Khazarians are fighting this tooth and nail and are fighting to the bitter end to preserve their fraud based system.”

via http://www.benjaminfulford.typepad.com published 31 Dec. 2011 link to article