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Bernie Sanders – Don’t Double Student Loan Rates – 27 June 2013

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Bernie Sanders – Too Big To Jail? – 26 March 2013

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Bernie Sanders – Say NO To The Chained CPI – 22 March 2013

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OpEdNews – Bernie Sanders – Transforming Our Energy System – 29 October 2012

Senator Bernie Sanders is interviewed by a Reuters reporter, 11/28/06. (photo: Reuters)At the second presidential debate, Mitt Romney talked about how a president should be “Mr. Oil, or Mr. Gas, or Mr. Coal.” Romney supports continuing the massive $113 billion in federal subsidies for oil, gas and coal over the next 10 years. He has previously referred to sustainable energy as “imaginary.” If elected, Romney is promising an end to key federal policies supporting sustainable energy like the production tax credit for wind. Continue reading

Moyers & Company Show 135: Challenging Power, Changing Politics – With Bernie Sanders – 10 September 2012

(Lucas : For me this is a must see and listen to. Besides I love the indepedent Senator Bernie Sanders  for his standing ,vision and opinion.) Continue reading