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Bill Ballard – 1-11-15 – 23rd Anniversary Of Opening The 11 11 Doorway! We Did It! – 12 January 2015

Uploaded on 11 January 2015 by pearls2u
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Bill Ballard – 2015 Welcome To The Year Of Majik! Happy New Year – 1 January 2015

Uploaded on 1 January 2015  by pearls2u Hey Hey Beautiful People! Welcome to 2015! I feel this will be a year of Majic for all, no matter what we are creating. This is the year those of us in 1st wave of Ascension have cleared so much in our fields, expanded our LIGHT in ways never previously imagined where we will now bring it down into and through us and our bodies manifesting into whatever we desire and play with… What a year this one will be! LOVE!

Bill Ballard – Saying Bye Bye To 2014 And Hello To 2015 ~Happy New Year – 28 December 2014

Uploaded on 28 December 2014 by pearls2u Happy HolyDays Peeps! This video is a look back at 2014 and my feelings about what 2015 will be about for the 1st and 2nd waves of Ascension

Bill Ballard – My Project – From The Heart Of Turtle Island – 8 December 2014

Uploaded on 6 December 2014 by pearls2u

(Lucas : I am glad to see a new video after a while from my friend Bill.  I recommend to donate. Of course for those able and wanting to donate or help in other ways with his project. Thanks Bill. My little help is on the way!)

Hey Hey Beautiful People! This is my first video from my family farm and new off grid project Im building for all who wish to participate. My 47 acre farm is 20 miles north of Memphis Tennessee and is called “Heart of Turtle Island”, because if you know the ‘layout’ of Turtle Island, this area is truly the HEART OF Turtle Island…. We ascend by Heart Chakra Activation… now it is time to bring this area of Gaia to its ascension, and I certainly need some help raising the frequencies here.

On this 47 acres we have the ability to be off grid while being close to a large town for accessing those things we need from the outside world. I see this as being an experimental off grid project for building structures constructed from material directly from the land as well as generating our own power sources, here from solar as well as from hydro electric. These are both available options.

We have ability for straw bale cob (adobe) structures as well as underground, treehouse, or hobbit structures. There is clay, straw, as well as trees on the land. We have a pecan orchard already planted I am freeing from the sumac, ivy and honeysuckle vines right now… that is quite the job and Im doing that by myself currently. We have a 20+ acre lake fully stocked for setting up a cob built aquaponics system as well as good soil for permaculture. This next spring we will need to have goat, chicken and turkey tractors set up, protecting those animals from the wildlife there, now panther, bobcat, coyote as well as foxes and hawks which would love those birds we raise for their dinner…. I see using other animals too on this farm for things we need and need cash from in order to proceed with projects.

These animals will provide milks, cheeses, eggs, as well as wool or other necessities we need, as well as using them to till and fertilize the land naturally. We must protect them as I prefer to keep the other wildlife that may love to have such easy access to a good dinner.

James Brown is working with me and is a contact for anyone who wishes to connect with this project, especially now as there is no internet access there. I have to drive some 15 – 20 miles to get internet until such time I may get satellite internet there for my communications. As I am fully focused on the work and heavy labor needed to be done for this project and currently doing that alone, I am encouraging donations for getting satellite internet as well as for tools and equipment needed onsite. I need a tractor with bucket loader and excavator which can pull a finish mower too…. If you have something like that to donate for this, please contact me or James Brown.

Donations accepted via paypal using my email address (Bill Ballard): pearls2u@hotmail.com
Our Facebook page “Heart of Turtle Island” https://www.facebook.com/theheartoftu…
My facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/bill.ballard.71
To contact me until I have Satellite internet live at Heart of Turtle Island, please contact James Brown in order to contact me. His Facebook page is: https://www.facebook.com/james.brown….
James Email: jbrown@theheartofturtleisland.com and greenlifeprovisionsinc@yahoo.com
James phone number: (901)282-2615

Bill Ballard – The Event – RV – ET Landings aAnd Other New Age Deceptions – 20 September 2014

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Bill Ballard – Gatekeepers – What IS A GateKeeper – Everyone IS A Gatekeeper – 9 September 2014

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Bill Ballard – Witnessing Syncs And Reflecting On June 2014 – 29 June 2014

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