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Current Update – Ix-Nay From Bill Brockbrader (Bill Wood) On Wilcock’s Story – 2 July 2012

Just to show you how insane this tennis match is getting, this is apparently what Bill Brockbrader posted on Facebook about David’s friend who was given a lethal injection.

This is precisely why it’s impossible to provide information we can guarantee is Truth. It’s ironic, but at this point, the only ones I trust are the ETs, and since I’m not telepathic, I’m just going to trust them to ensure that everything comes out right. Continue reading


Wolfspirit Radio – On Buffalo Talk – Interview With Bill Wood, Eva Moore And Others – 30 June 2012

The interview beter set talk with Bill Wood and Eva Moore. Link to Wolfspiritradio.com interview 28 June 2012

Pat Donworth – Bill Wood Update – How You Can Help! – 22 June 2012

June 22, 2012 | Pat Donworth

For those following the Bill Brockbrader case, we’ve been informed by Eva Moore that Bill has been allowed to post bail and leave jail while he awaits his trial in July. Continue reading

WolfSpiritRadio – Bill Wood With Melt Esquibel – 6 June 2012

link to the MP3 of the  radioshow on WolfspiritRadio  – Bill Wood and Melt Esquibel 4 June 2012  http://www.wolfspiritradio.com

Wolf Spirit Radio – Eva Moore With Frank Jordan and Thomas H. – 28 May 2012

Link to Wolf Spirit Radio show 27 May 2012 by Eva Moore with Frank Jordan and Thomas H

Bill Wood & Eva Moore – Information About Bill – 26 May 2012

Uploaded by 25 May 2012 by . (recorded information from 22 May 2012)

Bill is on from 12:03 To help Bill with a letter please post to William Brockbrader 1046233 CO ADA County Jail 7210 Barrister Drive Boise Idaho 83704. Thanks so much. Continue reading

Wolf Spirit Radio – Bill Wood – Interview With Frank Jordan – 22 May 2012

Wolf Spirit Radio – Bill Wood interviews Frank Jordan on 21 May 2012. audio link mp3 of interview Frank Jordan by Bill Wood 21 May 2012

Lisa M Harrison – Interview With Bill Wood And Eva Moore – 15 May 2012

Uploaded on 14 May 2012 by

My second interview with Bill Wood and this time we were joined by Eva Moore. We primarily discussed the implications of the information Bill Released on 5/5/12 regarding Obama. We also went off into more esoteric topics and concepts.


“Drake” On Wolf Spirit Radio – 6 May 2012

The 2 parts MP3 of the radioshow of 6 May 2012 on Wolf  Spirit Radio With Drake, Deatra and Bill Wood also pops in short are to download on


This is the link to the archive link to archive Wolf Spirit Radio

Download 2012-05-06B-FR-WSR-with-Deatra-and-Drake-part2.mp3
Download 2012-05-06A-FR-WSR-with-Deatra-and-Drake-part1.mp3

Bill Wood And Eva Moore – New Information On The Mass Arrests – 6 May 2012

Uploaded by on 6 May 2012 on youtube : 6 part video series. Continue reading