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Lisa Gawlas – Febraury, March, BiLocating And Changing The Fabric Of Time/Space!! – 5 February 2015

lisagawlas2Well, knock my socks off universe!!  Just about all of January, thru so many readings, thru the visual, spirit kept saying “as we enter February, everything goes live.  We enter the fully functional earth/energy of Shambhala.”  But so many times over what feels like an eternity, we have heard, this next part gets more real, more exciting and for me personally, even tho the information gets more exciting, the readings take on a whole new level of expression, in my personal world, not so much changed.  I resigned to live vicariously thru you and continue to put the puzzle pieces together and help you do whatever you came here to do, in any way I can.  Experiencing your bloom sets my heart afire anywayz… so why not!!! Continue reading