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ZeroHedge – Bitcoin 2.0, aka Ultra Coin: Bitcoin’s Derivative Layer That Allows The Virtual To Control Real Things – 19 January 2014

ZeroHedge(Lucas : sorry to say that I have been talking some time now about Bitcoin and in my view you should not put your money in Bitcoin as it can be just as our Fiat Currencies or gold and precious metals and derivatives manipulated and you will be sold out!.)

Submitted by Reggie Middleton on 01/19/2014 09:47 -0500

As should be obvious to many, I’m quite serious about recreating today’s financial system. I’d like to introduce what some in the media have coined (no pun intended) Bitcoin 2.0 (which is actually just the true implementation of bitcoin), otherwise known as UtlraCoin. UltraCoin is the derivative layer that we’re writing on top of Bitcoin to enable Bitcoin holders, buyers and sellers to do some pretty amazing things.

Here’s the latest Max Keiser in which he and Stacey Herbert to a good job of explaining what I have in mind. Of course, I get to speak my mind in the second half of the show (~13:08 minute mark). Continue reading