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Bix Weir – Special Alert – Chaos At The FED New York – 30 June 2012

Road To Roota | June 29 2012

We are starting to see signs that there is massive chaos at the HUB of market rigging operations- the New York Federal Reserve. With the looming Fed audit vote in mid July, the Fed’s ability to pull rabbits out of their hat to control the US Dollar is wobbling. With the dollar showing signs of instability (an instantaneous .50 drop last night and down 1.22 since yesterday) the Fed is helpless to continue their support operation. Continue reading

Bix Weir – MELTDOWN UPDATE: The JP Morgan Derivatives Book Is Blowing Up – 17 May 2012

Thanks to Gillian from http://www.shiftfrequency.com

Bix Weir – Questions And Answers On Silver Manipulation – 4 April 2012

Here’s a succinct summary of my latest post for those of you new to the Silver manipulation situation. These 3 questions and answers summarize what is happening in the silver market…

QUESTION #1: Is the Silver market rigged?

ANSWER: YES. Everyday and every trade the silver market is “controlled” and has been for at least the last 40 years. NOBODY knows the true Fair Market Value of silver anymore so all prices for silver are currently irrelevant. Continue reading