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Visionkeeper – Blanketing The Planet – 14 March 2013

nature-Favim.com-568683(Picture by http://www.favim.com)

Awareness and awakening are now covering the planet like a soft, flannel blanket. Everyday it spreads further outside the boundaries and warms everyone it touches. Hearts are springing open and the whole atmosphere of the planet it shifting. The old paradigm still remains for now, but it is quickly being pushed to the side by this new way of being. This awareness and awakening started off as a few blue flowers and has spread to the far reaches of the globe. It’s power cannot be denied nor stopped nor silenced. It is what it is and it is growing everyday. I hope you are choosing to be a part of this wave that is carrying us all into the new world. Do not fight the forward motion but rather open your heart and allow it to sweep you along to a better way of being. It’s time has come and we are fortunate enough to be one of the blue flowers that are creating this magical blanket. Continue reading