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Bloomberg – Germany CEOs Lament Lost Innovation Amid Fracking Angst – 10 June 2014


By Sheenagh Matthews

Germany CEOs Lament Lost Innovation Amid Fracking Angst

Germany has rejected genetically modified crops, nuclear power and magnetic levitation trains. Now, the country that invented the modern car and X-ray technology is adding fracking to the list of innovations it’s wary of.

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Bloomberg – ECB Confronted By Banks Testing Exit, Threat To Recovery – 28 January 2014


(Lucas : Till now every so-called Euro zone stress test with the banks was a farce. The EU, The Euro zone and the banks in all countries are in a state of despair. The banks are already in worse shape as they say to be….testing exit means …. defaults and resets or it means more austerity shit hitting the fan… are they going to ditch the old system really or set up an old painted over system and sell it to you to be new…? Are you buying it all? Just make sure in the meanwhile you’ve  are prepared for a banking collapse… and be sweet and share and care for you neighbours and friends as we all want really change to happen but not in the old way!)

By Jana Randow and Corina Ruhe

Rising market rates are posing a dilemma for European Central Bank officials trying to keep their ultra-expansive monetary policy in place.

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Bloomberg – Japan Seeks Criminal Probe Of Novartis On Hypertension Drug – 9 January 2014


By Yuko Takeo and Go Onomitsu

Japan’s health ministry filed a complaint with Tokyo prosecutors against Novartis (NOVN) AG, seeking a criminal investigation of the company for possibly breaching advertising rules with its Diovan hypertension drug.

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Bloomberg – McKinsey Says 20% Of Biggest Banks May Shrink Or Merge – 8 November 2013


(Lucas : If you really research and read on the net you will find out that there are only a few bank conglomerates with the same owners already, so the fusing of … or having only a few banks is just a fact, only you did not know. Those conglomerates are led by a continuous well-trained for the purpose group of puppets that take the chair of the individual companies… as CEO/CFO. The stock and ownership of course is managed in the utmost secrecy so you might forget that it is all the same banks and financial institutions. That is why you will or might not know this. The big bank conglomerates will only be about profit and power regardless… so what ever reason is given to make more money and bring in more profit or ROI will happen. Is there a declining power base that therefore makes  the banks to be broken up or is it a necessity or even  a requirement of financial regulations….?You know the answer if you see and read what is happening and read between the lines and get researching.)

By Michael J. Moore

One-fifth of the world’s biggest banks may be broken up or sold as part of a “radical course correction” to boost shareholder returns, according to McKinsey & Co..

The number of global universal banks may drop to fewer than 10 from about 25 as they narrow their focus on products or regions, the consulting firm said in an annual review of the industry released today. Ninety global lenders are generating higher returns by following one of five distinct strategies described by McKinsey, according to the report.

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Bloomberg – Chase Manhattan Plaza Sale Sets Record For Chinese Buyers – 21 October 2013


JPMorgan Chase & Co. (JPM)’s deal to sell 1 Chase Manhattan Plaza to Fosun (656) International Ltd. would be the largest purchase of a New York building by a Chinese buyer, showing Asian investors’ growing appetite for U.S. real estate.

Shanghai-based Fosun, run by billionaire Guo Guangchang, agreed to buy the 60-story lower Manhattan tower for $725 million, according to a statement filed to Hong Kong’s stock exchange. The 2.2 million-square-foot (204,000-square-meter) steel skyscraper was completed in 1961.

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HSBC Unit Judge Orders Judgment On $1.5 Billion In Claims – 5 October 2013


By Edvard Pettersson & Andrew Harris

The HSBC Holdings Plc (HSBA) unit once known as Household International Inc. lost its bid to undo a 2009 securities fraud trial verdict and is liable for about $1.5 billion in damages plus interest, a judge ruled.

U.S. District Judge Ronald Guzman in Chicago yesterday denied the lender’s motions for a new trial or a decision in its favor and ordered plaintiffs’ lawyers to submit a proposed final judgment within five days.

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Bloomberg – JPMorgan Said To Pay $900 Million To Settle Whale Probes – 19 September 2013


By Dawn Kopecki – Sep 19, 2013 3:41 AM GMT+0200

JPMorgan Chase & Co. (JPM) is poised to pay about $900 million to settle U.S. and U.K. claims that lax internal controls led the bank to provide inaccurate information about last year’s record trading loss to the board, investors and regulators, people with knowledge of the matter said.

(Lucas : Interesting isn’t it all those settlements outside courts with the regulators and nobody significant at the TOP is going to jail that’s the corporate state for you… )

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