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Steve Lendman – Britain’s Foreign Secretary Matches Kerry’s Bullying, Bluster And Big Lies – 31 March 2015

Logo_activistpost-comAmerica and Britain partner in each other’s high crimes. Their longstanding relationship dates from the 19th century.

It’s modern form emerged post-WW II. Imperial interests are shared.

When America goes to war or plans one (direct or proxy), Britain marches in lockstep.

One rogue state supports another. British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond and John Kerry specialize in bashing independent governments they want replaced with ones their regimes control. Continue reading


Steve Lendman – More Kerry Bullying, Bluster And Big Lies – 30 April 2014

StevelendmanHe’s no diplomat. He’s a world class thug. He mocks legitimacy. He disgraces the office he holds. He represents the worst of America’s dark side.
He’s a serial liar. He’s been caught red-handed lying numerous times before. He’s at it again.
Big Lies infested his Monday Wall Street Journal interview. Truth was nowhere in sight. More on what he said below.
On April 28, State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki said the following:
“Today, in response to Russia’s continued actions in southern and eastern Ukraine, the United States is implementing additional restrictive measures on defense exports to Russia.”
“Accordingly, the Department of State is expanding its export restrictions on technologies and services regulated under the US Munitions List (USML).”

Continue reading

Steve Lendman – Kerry Bullying, Bluster And Big Lies – 26 April 2014

StevelendmanA previous article called Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov a world class diplomat. John Kerry is polar opposite. He represents the worst of America’s dark side.

He’s vying for Washington’s worst ever Secretary of State top dishonor. He’s what Paul Craig Roberts calls a “two-bit punk.”

He’s a war criminal multiple times over. Demagoguery punctuates his comments. It exceeds the worst of Cold War rhetoric. He’s been caught red-handed numerous times in bald-faced lies. Continue reading