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Natural Resources Defense Council – Bobby McEnaney – Obama Administration Approves Roadmap For Solar Energy On Public Lands – 13 October 2012

(Lucas : Interesting – My question is of these regions on this map are not on Indian territories and if this energy is not for all to be used or just only companies that profit from a free source the SUN is to sell us back what should be free. The Sun is here for all of us to give energy. Go restart again your community utility companies that  will not rip you off as you are members and part of this company.  It will be a new way of seeing and thinking about things that will awaken. No more for me or I, but for we and all of human kind.  The same as water from our streams,  skies and oceans, seas as long as we do not harm the balance in nature and pollute our earth. We should share, co-create, co-experience and co-exist in peace and harmony. It will become our new way of being as we are nearing the shift from us and earth. Just vision it and maybe be a co-founder of the new. You can change it Now.) Continue reading