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Greg Giles – 2011 Bon Voyage! Many Starseeds Now Departing 3D Earth!

My Star Family has contacted me and stated very clearly that I am to now make arrangements to depart 3rddimensional Earth and continue my mission in service to humanity ‘beyond my current limitations’. Several other channels and researchers have reported just such an imminent event in recent releases. I was notified that I am ‘being prepared’ at this time for this relocation, and was instructed to make arrangements to depart Earth very soon, and for a short period of time as I become reacquainted with my Star Family and my ‘new but familiar surroundings’. (This is going to be crazy fun!) How many other ‘first wavers’ that will also be departing was not addressed at this time, as well as if this group will ever again be stepping foot on Earth or into the 3rd dimension at all, or instead will complete their particular assignments on board spacecraft stationed within the 5th dimensional frequency range. Keeping in mind that many Galactic Federation spacecraft have the ability to transcend dimensions, it is possible these first wavers will continue their work in service to humanity in more than one dimension, and may even be interacting again with members of Earth’s yet 3rd dimensional population. Continue reading