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Meredith Murphy – Breaking Free: Learning To Perceive The New Reality – 15 March 2014

MeredithMurphyMessage from My Inner Knowing as Ashira

Cosmic Telepathy, March 14, 2014

The Emergence of New Emotions in Humanity, and Learning to Perceive the New Reality

Living within this moment is re-orchestrating Creation. The Earth-realm is realizing news dimensions of focus for intelligent life, and this is re-orchestrating Creation. What is meant by this is that love is opening up new facets of the material. This opening to the newness is unprecedented and mysterious. As it unfolds, it is revealed. It is not possible any longer to predict what is happening and those that do so limit their experience of Creation at this time. The impossibility that is occurring is the expansive range of diversity of experience within a realm. Those who continue to believe that one thing will happen, is happening, are of course simply stating their perspective. This again is a choice of focus that creates parameters of perception. The more expanded landscape defies perception. One can, however, experience it. It may not be fully absorbed consciously yet it can be experienced energetically. This is the dawning of a new age. Continue reading