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CLN – Breaking Free Of The Fear Stopping Your ‘Abundance’ Mindset – 18 May 2013

conscious(Picture: The only thing to fear is fear itself)

There is no getting away from it, all highly successful business owners and leaders became that way though having an abundance mindset.
We get conditioned to believe that life is about being put into pigeon holes for careers and lifestyle and this is all that is available to us. How wrong can they be! And great pioneers knew this, look at the likes of Leonardo Da Vinci, Marie Curie, Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein and more recently Richard Branson.
Each of these had great vision, an unstoppable creative energy which would not be contained within the confines of limitation. What kept them going over the months and years of failures and often ridicule? It was their unwavering belief in abundance mentality. Their absolute certainty what they were creating was coming into being. Continue reading