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ActivistPost -Breakthrough Converts Wi-Fi To Electric Power As Efficiently As Solar Panels – 8 November 2013

Logo_activistpost-com(Lucas : What?  Did we forget a step here… why Wi-Fi was invented? It is damaging your health by its frequency, just like UMTS and GSM transmitters and receivers, you forgot that….it is forced upon us all , the controlled Wi-Fi internet instigated by the corporate government and big corporations is forgotten also…. like the Wi-FI towers to be built everywhere and Blimps with full Wi-Fi to give Africa the corporate controlled internet access for free. So you forgot to tell that and now tell us that Wi-Fi is useful to make Electric Power as it is generated by electric power already…. what is this circular reasoning….it has nothing to do with TESLA who wanted to give us real free energy not harmful energy that is spread to control, make you sick and pollute our world with harmful frequency that will slow plant growth, etc. Oh you forgot to read about that…. and your own scientific studies…. Wake up before you are fed more manipulated truths….)

It’s possible to use this design for a lot of different frequencies and types of energy, including vibration and sound energy harvesting. — Duke University.


5-cell metamaterial array harvesting WiFi for energy
Image: Duke University

How do you define free energy? A cheap device that converts freely available background radiation into energy to run gadgets or charge batteries? No fossil fuel needed. No turbines need to be spun. A clean energy whether or not the sun shines or the wind blows. Sound about right? Continue reading