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BrianKelly’sBlog – Free Energy Update- Ralph Ring – Africa – An Invite For All Innovators To Step Forward – Now Is The Time – 11 February 2014

brian-kelly27s-blog(Lucas : The GEET Reactor plans by Pantone did cause a lot of stir the last time at the OPAL Tour as there was a dispute about the patent and the freely giving away of the stuff.  I am not gonna give you a link to the plans and it is up to you to publish….or not…  The Ralph and Marsha Ring video I posted last year already and is very informative but does not say how to get access for all to the devices developed or in development as that is the most important thing at the moment free access and availability. I missed the Open Source and access for everyone part, available for all. If we can make things work without patents or by protection of ideas or by forming exclusive communities that only can be joined by some that are like-minded or have the same agenda or have the money or opportunity to join. If those changes do not take place  there is no difference! Transparency is only transparent if all cards are on the table…! So questions about projects and communities you may for instance ask are:  What is the community about and what is the structure or is there one, it that structure needed to work together. Who or what is in charge or is there an equal say in all.  Where does the funding/ money/ or value come from that is put in the project or is there a contribution, a fee you have to pay.  Are things really free of control or are things in place that still control you or parts of you’re doing and being. It there a business model or not and why!. Do you need to sign for anything or agree upon certain rules before entering or joining. All this matters to make sure you have really something new going or just a variant on old structures.  Freedom, Equality, Access for all, no wealth, profit or value cumulation intent, all Open Source. No rules and laws, and constitutions, no countries  instated to limit each other or make hierarchy or control by one or a group possible. No agreements or contracts to sign.  That is a lot to keep in mind for not making yourself limited again. I see lots of groups that go still one way or the other into these things. It is a choice to get bound or limited again and therefore give your power to others or to a structure, a belief, new dogma or construct.  Change happens for all from individual empowerment first and then you will see if you all have that neutral space, balance found there is no necessity to make structures or constructs again to work together as individual creator beings. There is no conflict anymore! )

(BRIAN  – NOTE: as of this post the recorded conversation with Ralph Ring is still being uploaded to YouTube. It’s 10 hours in and only 50% done! Should be ready to post tomorrow) Continue reading


BrianKelly’sBlog – Roseanne Barr DROPS A BOMB On PTW – 25 December 2013

My favorite part about this video is when Roseanne says “even to fight the system is giving it energy.” YES!!! As we move closer and closer toward a massive shift in consciousness, peaceful noncompliance is and will continue to be the key. ~BK

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BrianKelly’sBlog – The Federal Reserve Act Is Expiring – This December 23, 2013 – 23 December 2013

December 23, 2013

Well, I’m about to do two things I never really do on this blog 1. Share an article from Jean Haines and 2. Post something that was sent to me about NESARA. I’ve been off the grid for the last few days decompressing from the non-stop activity of the OPAL Tour, so I haven’t had a chance to really do much digging on this as of yet. I leave it to you all to exercise your own discernment. Should have my computer back in a few days so will be able to get back on track with some much behind blogging. Much Love and blessings to you all and Happy Holidays! ~BK Continue reading

BrianKelly’sBlog – What Did The OPPT Really Do For Humanity? – 5 December 2013

The following is Justin’s article on the what the OPPT did.  Comments below in red are mine solely. I thought I’d expand on some of the thoughts expressed below.  My comments are meant to expand on what is presented below, this is not a critique what Justin has written to the best of his knowledge and heart.  I want to express my sincere thanks to Justin for his timely article!  -Bill


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BrianKelly’sBlog – IRS : Closed Until Further Notice – 7 October 2013

IRS: Closed Until Further Notice

October 7, 2013

I just posted this story in my FB news room a few minutes ago, so figured I would share here as well. If you’re not in that group, here is the link. Lots of great articles and posts in there!


Funny story: Continue reading

BrianKelly’sBlog – FBI Running Out Of Funding – 30 September 2013

f2a16-fbi_logo_twitterFBI Running Out of Funding

September 29, 2013


Notice to All Department of Justice Contractors
Potential Lapse of Funding


Funding for the Department of Justice (Department) under its current appropriations act expires on September 30, 2013. As of this date, no new appropriations act or continuing resolution has been passed. Unless such legislation is enacted before the end of FY2013, there will be no annual appropriations available to fund activities of the Department for Fiscal Year 2014 (FY 2014) on October 1, 2013. Continue reading

BrianKelly’sBlog – Power Robs The Brain Of Empathy – 11 September 2013

brian-kelly27s-blog(Lucas : the saying power corrupts is true and the study below also make clear that is does.)

Power Robs the Brain of Empathy
September 10, 2013

All things considered, this makes a whole lot of sense, now doesn’t it? ~BK

Researchers have some new insights into how power diminishes a person’s capacity for empathy. According to scientists, a sense of power shuts down a part of the brain that helps us connect with others. Continue reading

BrianKelly’sBlog – The Science Of Ascension – Positrons have Arrived To Transform Our Reality – 10 September 2013

brian-kelly27s-blogThe Science of Ascension — Positrons Have Arrived to Transform Our Reality
September 9, 2013
http://cosmicdolphinmagic.ning.com/I’m no science whiz, but I found this article super interesting. Thanks for sharing Jewell ~BK
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BrianKelly’sBlog – Syrian Parlement Letter To The US House Of Representatives – Was Censored By US Press –

sp1Syrian Parliament Letter to the US House of Representatives — Censored by the US Press
September 9, 2013

An important document being censored by the US press. I got this off the BNP web site. Continue reading