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BrianKelly’sBlog – A Gathering Of The Tribe – Mission Complete – 7 September 2013

brian-kelly27s-blogA Gathering of the Tribe — Mission COMPLETE
September 7, 2013

All I can say is, reading this gave me goose bumps. Whoa nelly! Blessed is the day a piece of literature (data) resonates to one’s very core. A huge thank you to Jewell for sharing and even more gratitude to Charles Eisenstein for composing. This piece is very synchronistic considering all of the gatherings popping up all over the country and world lately. Even more synchronistic considering the plan a few of us are getting ready to launch in the not so far off future. I’m sure we’ll be making some announcements most likely in the coming week’s radio shows. Something FUN for everyone to participate in indeed 😉 What I can say is that reading this has brought me to a great sense of peace and inner knowing we are Absolutely on the right track. When the energetic trail shines so brightly all we can do is laugh, smile and start taking steps. God Almighty this is a freakin’ beautiful time to be alive. I hope you all In-Joy this as much as I have ❤ ~BK Continue reading

BrianKelly’sBlog – Harvard Cracks DNA Storage, Crams 700 Terrabytes Of Data Into A Single Gram – 7 September 2013

brian-kelly27s-blogHarvard cracks DNA storage, crams 700 terabytes of data into a single gram
September 7, 2013

A bioengineer and geneticist at Harvard’s Wyss Institute have successfully stored 5.5 petabits of data — around 700 terabytes — in a single gram of DNA, smashing the previous DNA data density record by a thousand times. Continue reading

BrianKelly’sBlog – The War You Don’t See — A Documentary the Military Industrial Complex Does Not Want Spreading – 6 September 2013

brian-kelly27s-blogThis is an incredibly revealing and beautifully produced documentary which does a stellar job at exposing a mountain of propaganda, all of which helped to promote the majority of all major wars. The fact that this film only has 16k hits on YouTube is disheartening. As we stand on the brink of war yet again, I hope this film is shared, as it has the capacity to sway the opinions of anyone who stands in support of invading Syria. The time is NOW to say NO to war in EVERY form. There is NEVER a good reason to go to battle and kill another human being, let alone thousands of innocent civilians. If this video speaks to you, please help share it far and wide. ~BK Continue reading

BrianKelly’sBlog – BRICS Agree On $50Bn IMF Rival Bank Difficult Details Remain – 3 September 2013

brian-kelly27s-blogBRICS agree on $50bn IMF rival bank, ‘difficult’ details remain
September 3, 2013

While I am in total disagreement that it will take this long to be done with the IMF once and for all, it’s still nice to see the BRICS guys making moves in the right direction. ~BK

The ‘big five’ of the developing world, the BRICS nations, will meet on the sidelines of the G20 to further iron out the details of their proposed development bank, which will pool foreign reserves from the five nations to create a fund of up to $100bn. Continue reading

BrianKelly’sBlog – 9/11 Truth Billboard In Busy Downtown Dallas – 3 September 2013

BrianKelly’sBlog – Did You Know A 3rd Tower Fell On 9/11? (5 min video) Rethink911.org – 2 September 2013

brian-kelly27s-blogDid You Know a 3rd Tower Fell on 9/11? Rethink911.org
September 2, 2013
This post is not intended for those who already know…it’s for those who still need convincing. What we’re dealing with here is not attempting to convince anyone of what actually happened on that fateful day, the intention is to bring awareness to the Truth that the official story, reported in the media and in the 911 Commission is a complete and utter lie. The Truth Shall Make Us Free. ~BK

BrianKelly’sBlog – The End Of Economic Slavery Has Arrived – 2 September 2013

brian-kelly27s-blogThe End of Economic Slavery Has Arrived
September 1, 2013

While I don’t necessarily agree with all of the data from this piece, Scott did a great job of summarizing a substantial amount of quality information. There has been so much speculation about the global currency reset (RV), I can honestly say I have no clue whether or not it will actually take place. Most people who claim it to be guaranteed have adopted such conviction by the beliefs of others, they claim or believe to be “in the know.” I feel the same way about the world settlement accounts, St. Germaine Trust and all forms of Prosperity Packages. Where I do agree with Scott is that we are most definitely on the brink of great change. Change beyond our ability to fathom or comprehend. Continue reading

BrianKelly’sBlog – UPDATED: Disclosure: Rebels Admit Responsibility For Chemical Weapons Attack – 31 August 2013

brian-kelly27s-blog(Lucas : Below is Brian Kelly’s Comment on the news by infowars.com. We have been seeing lots of false flags but also often the real cause of things can not in any way be determined. In my view if things can not be proven they need to be how evil left to the fact that we can not proof it. The hidden reasons to go to war over an “internal conflict” that was instigated by those that now play the boogeyman for Assad’s  Syria is really the reason. We should ask them for answers not only Assad. Why did the USA and allies including Qatar and Saudi-Arabia play the innocent party. Did they tell you about their weapon deliveries and support of the rebel camps.  See how easy it is not to tell the truth if you accuse and attack the other and have been planning this war to get where it is now.  The world is waking up to the fact that we have been lied to too many times before.  The blindly follow the USA doctrine is no more.  People demand credible and sound proof. Again lots of proof is presented behind closed doors.  Yeah right! We need to belief all that. Get real.  People are getting awakened and they see that things do not add up anymore. Things are not told and things are not as they are told they were. Yes, the world gets spinning as you see how far the lie and the fraud, deceit ….. reaches.  Love and Light, Lucas) Continue reading

BrianKelly’sBlog – Secret Convenant – Elite Network – 29 August 2013

brian-kelly27s-blogSecret Covenant — Elite Network 
August 28, 2013

Only five words are necessary to share here, The Truth Will Set Us Free…..instead of allowing this info to make me feel angry or upset, I choose to respond with a sense of personal empowerment and freedom. Awareness is one of many keys to liberation. We must also remember the energy that supported these global elitist networks no longer exists and the days of blind perpetuation are behind us. I choose to respond with Love and compassion, because at one level or another those responsible for what has been created have also been victims to some sort of mind control themselves. When we collectively respond with love not hate, acceptance not anger, we send a very loud and clear message to the cosmos, one that screams, “we have learned the lessons necessary to transcend this phase of existence!”~BK Continue reading

BrianKelly’sBlog – FEMA Whistleblower: “A Dark Culture Has Grown Behind Closed Doors. It’s Time To Open Them.” – 28 August 2013

brian-kelly27s-blogFEMA whistleblower: “A dark culture has grown behind closed doors. It’s time to open them.”
August 27, 2013

When Super Storm Sandy struck, on October 29, 2012, I was on my third United Nations contract, working in their press office. The subways started running again; the gas lines went away, and I went back to work and proofread the UN press release about Sandy. I graduated college the same week as the Indian Ocean tsunami in 2004. The image of the sea swallowing whole towns haunted me, and I contacted every aid agency I could think of to offer my body to the recovery. Everyone told me to stay away, that the best people to help would be the locals. I never imagined such a large natural disaster would strike my city, but when it did, I wanted to be one of those locals helping. Continue reading