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Mish/ Mike Shedlock – “Dead Before Arrival”: Bundesbank Shoots Down EU Banking-Union Proposal; Eight Lessons The EU Needs To Learn – 13 June 2012

A group of eurozone Nannycrats has agreed to meet later this month to devise a master plan for a eurozone fiscal and banking union.

Here is a synopsis from my post on Sunday Details of the Secret “Nannyplan” Emerge; Proposed Nannygroup Uniforms Continue reading


Mish / Mike Shedlock – German Central Banks Signlas Willingness For Higher Inflations; Catastrophic Uncertainty VS Catastrophic Certainty – 10 May 2012

As Europe careens towards catastrophic certainty, German finance minister Wolfgang Schäuble admits he more worried about the uncertain rather than the certain.

Please consider Bundesbank signals softening on inflation

The Bundesbank, the most hawkish of central banks, has signalled it would accept higher inflation in Germany as part of an economic rebalancing in the eurozone that would boost the international competitiveness of countries worst-hit by the region’s debt crisis. Continue reading