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InquiringMinds – The Charlie Hebdo Attack 7.1.2015 We Should Be Swift To Condemn Atrocity, But Slow To Jump To Conclusions – Tim Veater – 9 January 2015

Inquiring Minds


We should be swift to condemn atrocity, whether from East or West (and West has been guilty of plenty) but slow to jump to conclusions as to perpetrators or motive of violent outrages such as this one today, in the offices of Charlie Hebdo, the French weekly satirical magazine. Recent history and events have taught us that, at least.

The reality is that these barbarous acts are embedded in, and cannot be extricated from, the whole Middle East mess, for which we cannot escape partial responsibility. The bottom line is that the role of France and other Western countries in Syria and elsewhere has probably more to do with today’s outrage than a few cartoons and the issue of free speech to which the public’s attention has been directed. Continue reading