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Fire At Chevron Refinery In Richmond, California, No Threat To Locals – 19 December 2014

RT logoLarge flames and a cloud of smoke can be seen over the Chevron oil refinery in Richmond, California. Company and fire officials say the flare is no cause for alarm.

The blaze, which is visible for miles, has caused uncertainty within the local community. Many citizens took to social networks to try and find out more information about whether the refinery was on fire.

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School Police Cleared To Carry AR-15s In Compton, California – 20 August 2014

RT logoCiting the national school shooting epidemic and potential acts of terrorism, the Compton, California school board has approved a policy allowing select campus police officers to carry semi-automatic AR-15 rifles in their patrol cars while on duty.

The school board approved a policy in July that will allow certain school district officers to buy these rifles and hold them in their cars should a mass shooting or terror attack occur, according to KPCC. The school district will train the chosen officers, who will then carry the firearms in their cars starting next month.

The policy has residents of Compton, located in southern Los Angeles County, concerned over potential use of excessive force in a school district that has, in the past, seen allegations from students of racial profiling by Compton school police officers.

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One Dead After Protesters Riot Against Police Brutality In Salinas, California – 23 May 2014

RT logoJust one day after two officers in Salinas, California, fatally shot a suspected robber, another man was shot and killed Wednesday night as protests against the quick trigger fingers of local police took place nearby.

According to CBS San Francisco, between 300 and 500 protesters gathered near Del Monte Avenue in Salinas to voice their opposition to what they see as excessive force by police. Currently, it’s unclear what circumstances led up to the deadly confrontation, but an already emotional protest turned violent afterwards, and police with riot gear were called in to respond at the scene.

In the midst of the violence, a police officer was also hospitalized after being hit in the head with a heavy object – either a brick or a bottle – as he was performing CPR on the shooting victim.

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Liberty Voice – Earthquake Of 6.9 Magnitude Rocks Ferndale, California – 10 March 2014

Liberty Voice

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A 6.9 Earthquake has just been reported 48 miles West North West of Ferndale. Ferndale is based in Humboldt County, and out of all the cities in California, it is one of the least likely to make the news. There have also been aftershocks reported, but no damage.

Two Videos About Earth Quake Swarm California Area – 26 August 2012

MASSIVE Earthquake Swarm in South California = BE PREPARED

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Nick Allen – Stockton, California, Set To Be Biggest US City To Be Declared Bankrupt – 23 June 2012

When 10,000 citizens of Stockton, California sang along with Neil Diamond at the opening of their city’s shiny new concert hall it seemed like the good times would roll forever.

It was 2006 and local officials were happy to pay the musician $1 million in taxpayers’ money to perform Sweet Caroline as they rode high on the back of a turbocharged housing market. Continue reading

UFO Report – California, Oroville , USA – 13 /14th Febr.2012 – 21 Febr. 2012

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Lucas – Ron Van Dyke His Home Unlawful Auctioned Today – 16 February 2012

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The fact that PNC Bank and its attorney chose to proceed with the “foreclosure sale” in light of the Affidavit of Negative Averment filed with the court was shocking! What they called an “auction” was a charade. I was there. My home was sold without due process of law; in fact the court broke many laws in this saga of a lawsuit that has never gone to trial. Now, they will likely order the police to break their oath of office and uphold the criminal actions they have taken. What can we do when courts and police break the law?

Lucas : Ron could use all of your help as this is the real face of what is going on in the world. Stealing and be supported with this from  lawyers, judges and police officials that acted all unlawful.

This injustice, theft and unlawfull actions should be brought to public and the media.



California Campus Police On Leave After Pepper-Spraying – 21 November 2011

Someone seems to have a modicum of moral fiber on UC Davis campus. The signal this sends may help in ensuring that the police don’t go further. Thanks to Nancy (www.stevebeckow.com).

By the CNN Wire Staff, November 21, 2011


Police spray seated Occupy protesters

(CNN) — The University of California at Davis has placed two police officers on administrative leave after video of them pepper-spraying non-violent protesters at point-blank range sparked outrage at school officials. Continue reading

UFOs sighting California Coast, USA 19 September 2011

UFO SIGHTINGS Massive Fleet UFOs Caught on Tape September 19 2011 California Coast Multiple ufos zoom across the sky at amazing speeds