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Russia Bans Agricultural Products From EU, USA, Australia, Norway, Canada – 7 August 2014

RT logoDownload video (25.9 MB)Russian PM Dmitry Medvedev has signed a decree on the full ban for imports of beef, pork, poultry meat, fish, cheese, milk, vegetables and fruit from Australia, Canada, the EU, the US and Norway.The ban will last a year, starting August 7.

READ MORE: Putin bans agricultural imports from sanctioning countries for 1 year

The Prime Minister also said Russia has stopped transit flights by Ukrainian airlines to such destinations as Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia and Turkey, adding that the country was considering a ban of transit flights for European and US Airlines to the Asia-Pacific region.

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6.7 Magnitude Earthquake Strikes South Of Port Hardy, Canada – 24 April 2014

Canada 6.7 mag April 23

April 2014 – CANADA – A 6.7 magnitude Canada earthquake today 2014 has just struck west of Vancouver. The Canada earthquake today April 23, 2014 began in the evening hours. Damage assessment is pending. Officials tell news that a 6.7 magnitude Canada earthquake today started just after 7:10 pm local time. The quake was shallow and out to sea. USGS indicates to news that the quake started seven miles below sea level. As a result it could be felt to the east on land. Reps tell news the quake was fifty-eight miles south of Port Hardy. It was ninety-eighty miles west of Campbell River. It was roughly one hundred miles west of Courtenay and Port Alberni. Reps tell news that it was two hundred west of Victoria. The same general epicenter delivered a 6.0 magnitude quake on September 3, 2013. As reported on LALATE at the time, that Canada earthquake began one hundred nineteen miles west of Bella Bella. The quake was roughly two hundred miles south of Prince Rupbert and west of the Campbell River. The quake was about four hundred miles northwest of Victoria and three hundred miles west of Terrace. In May another quake struck the country. That quake was sixteen miles northeast of Shawville. It started thirty-five miles east of Pembroke, forty miles northwest of Gatineau. Officials also tell news that the quake was forty-three miles northwest of Ottawa and forty-six miles east of Petawawa. –La Late

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CommonDreams – Canada, EU Should Publish “Strategic Partnership” Deal Now – 25 March 2014

March 24, 2014
5:31 PM
CONTACT: Council of Canadians
Dylan Penner, Media Officer, Council of Canadians, 613-795-8685, dpenner@canadians.org. Twitter: @CouncilOfCDNs
Canada, EU Should Publish “Strategic Partnership” Deal Now

OTTAWA – March 24 – The Conservative government should immediately publish the political agreement it has reached with the European Commission on a Strategic Partnership Agreement, which Canadians know absolutely nothing about, says The Council of Canadians. The organization adds that the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) with the EU should also be published before it is signed, possibly later this year.

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Nuke Dump Proposal Near Lake Huron Raises Alarm In US, Canada – 28 October 2013

RT logoPlans for a nuclear waste facility near the US-Canadian border – less than a mile from one of the world’s largest sources of fresh water – has triggered a public outcry among Americans and Canadians.

A heated debate is surfacing over Ontario Power Generation’s ambitious plans to burrow 2,200 feet underground near Kincardine, a small town of just over 11,000 in the province of Ontario, Canada, to construct a nuclear waste storage facility.

The radioactive waste has been steadily accumulating from Ontario’s 20 nuclear reactors.

A review panel appointed by the Canadian government will issue a recommendation in coming weeks to Canada’s Cabinet, which will in turn decide whether or not to approve the utility’s plan.

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Canada – Victory For The World v2 – 11 October 2013

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Canada – Andrea Woo – Cross-Border Sales Drop After Bridge Collapse – 21 August 2013

The Globe And Mail

VANCOUVER — The Globe and Mail

The number of Canadian shoppers at major retail destinations along the Interstate 5 corridor in Washington state plummeted after the collapse of a bridge over the Skagit River, a study has found.

The long-term study by the Border Policy and Research Institute at Western Washington University is intended to focus on the economic impact of changes that might influence cross-border shopping, such as the exchange rate and sales taxes. Coincidentally, the bridge – a major thoroughfare that connects British Columbia and Washington State and carries more than 70,000 vehicles daily – collapsed on May 23, two months into the study.

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Canada : High River Citizens Rightfully Suspicious As RCMP Changes Story Over Removal Of Guns – 4 July 2013

The emergency declarations in place in southern Alberta certainly gave the RCMP the authority to enter private homes in High River without need of a warrant. But why were they removing firearms?

As usual following a false flag, the story changes as the establishment/media do damage control after RCMP’s overstepping of citizens’ rights in Albert gun confiscation. They can spin it any way they like, but it doesn’t change what happened.

Officers said residents left their guns “scattered about” when they fled the high waters. Really? Scattered about? Continue reading

Bloomberg – Merkel Cites Canada As Deficit-Model In Europe’s Crisis – 16 August 2012

(Lucas : Maybe they should look into Iceland’s handling of things. Getting away from the old and starting new with incredible results.)

German Chancellor Angela Merkel renewed her call for austerity as crucial to tackling financial turmoil in the euro area, praising Canada’s economic example as she returned to the crisis fight after her summer vacation. Continue reading

Legal Redemption Of Our Strawmen – 7 July 2012

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Drake – Update – 4 July 2012

More Socialist BS? Re: Canada Executive Orders

Please Read – About Yesterday’s Post on Canada Executive Orders 

It would seem that the Canadian cabal is still trying to have things their way.  The executive orders are nothing more than a failed attempt to ‘continue’ or further the same agenda 21 most have come to know. Continue reading