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Carl Herman – Supreme Court : ‘Law’ Repugnant To The Constitution Is Void – 10 May 2012

A useful place for Americans to stand is with the US Supreme Court in one of its most cited decisions that concluded anything passed as law in obvious violation of the US Constitution is not law, but void. Void as a legal term means the alleged “law” has zero legal force; that “void things are as no things.” Continue reading

Carl Herman – Virginia Declares “Emperor Has No Clothes”: NDAA Nullified – 20 April 2012

http://www.activistpost.com  by Carl Herman 29 February 2012.  ( Lucas: It seems that this information has not been found in mainstream media)

Virginia’s Senate voted today (39-1) to nullify NDAA 2012 provisions to seize American citizens at the dictate of the federal executive branch. They joined the House’s 96-4 vote. Continue reading