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CLN – Cassandra Sturdy – Occupy Builds Homes For The Homeless – 19 August 2013

549541_448529051921222_1777954086_n Occupy Madison, part of the global Occupy movement, is building tiny homes in the city of Madison, Wisconsin, for the homeless people who live there.

Indeed. Each home resembles a rather cute garden shed and contains a bed, a kitchen, a microwave, a refrigerator, a compost toilet and heating. Continue reading

CLN – Cassandra Sturdy – Spiritual Uprising : The Biggest Shift Of Our Time – 11 August 2013

consciouslifenews“The most revolutionary change underlying the transformative era in the next half century is the demise of religion and the rise of spirituality,” says Alan Nordstrom, a professor of English at Rollins College in Florida.

Indeed. In the latest edition of Futurist, the World Future Society’s magazine, Nordstrom summarises what he thinks will be one of the most dominant trends to impact global society this century. Continue reading