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CBCNews – Alison Redford Resigning As Alberta premier – 20 March 2014

CBC News

Redford stepping down Sunday evening after 2½ years as premier

Alberta Premier Alison Redford announces her resignation in Edmonton on Wednesday. Redford has been struggling to deal with unrest in her Progressive Conservative caucus over her leadership style and questionable expenses

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CBCNews – Jim Flaherty, Federal Finance Minister, Leaves Cabinet – 19 March 2014


Resigns from Conservative cabinet after 8 years as finance minister

By Laura Payton, CBC News

Federal Finance Minister Jim Flaherty has resigned from cabinet to prepare for work in the private sector, he announced in a news release Tuesday.

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CBCNews – Revenue Canada Corruption Feared Over $400K Cheque To Nicolo Rizzuto – 26 September 2013

CBC News

Big rebate issued to mob boss even though he owed $1.5M to tax man

The Canada Revenue Agency issued a rebate cheque for nearly $400,000 to a top Quebec Mafia figure even though he owed the tax department $1.5 million at the time, heightening concerns of possible infiltration of the agency by organized crime.

Details about the payment to former Sicilian mob boss Nicolo Rizzuto were unearthed during a three-year investigation by journalists at Radio-Canada, CBC’s French-language sister network, into allegations of corruption at the tax agency’s Montreal office, which the RCMP have been probing since 2008.

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CBCNews – Stephen Harper To Seek Prorogation Of Parliament – 21 August 2013


Conservative government plans to kick off fall session with October throne speech

Prime Minister Stephen Harper has confirmed he will ask the Governor General to prorogue Parliament until October, when his Conservative government will introduce the next speech from the throne.

“There will be a new throne speech in the fall, obviously the House will be prorogued in anticipation of that. We will come back — in October is our tentative timing,” Harper told reporters in Whitehorse Monday. Harper is in the Yukon on the second day of his annual summer tour of the North.

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CBCNews – Carolyn Dunn – BMO Settles With Most In Alberta Mortgage Fraud Lawsuit – 160 Parties Were Sued Over Alleged Mortgage Fraud – 4 June 2013

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The Bank of Montreal has settled with all but a handful of the 160 parties it sued in connection with a sprawling case of alleged mortgage fraud in Alberta, CBC News has learned.

The bank first detected a problem in 2006, when bank officials detected “irregularities” in some mortgages. Forensic accountants were hired to review the transactions, and the bank ultimately sued hundreds of people in connection with the alleged fraud. Continue reading

CBCNews – Protesters March Against GMO Giant Monsanto In 430 Cities – 26 May 2013

The Raging Grannies were at the Montreal protest against GMOs and Monsanto.The Raging Grannies were at the Montreal protest against GMOs and Monsanto. (CBC)

American agricultural giant a prime target in fight against modified foods

Organizers say two million people marched in protest against seed giant Monsanto in hundreds of rallies across Canada, the U.S. and dozens of other countries on Saturday. Continue reading