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DealBook – Chad Bray – ING Moves Closer To Repaying State Aid – 30 October 2013


(Lucas : The story of the banks… not wanna go bust, get a bail-out from the taxpayer, enrich yourselves in between on building new profits and then sell the bailout you can see as a cheap loan from the taxpayer back and get back making huge profits on taxpayers monies that now gets privatised by a sell-off… and the game goes on…There are no ethic in this… and for future problems we now got bail ins and austerity to leverage all to humans that they even rob accounts and pensions from. We need a clean up from all financial institutions and bring them back under the control of the people and not a government, institutions like EU, FED , BIS or whatever….  back to service to humans,  the value and money was in the first place from all humans not the banks nor the (corporate) governments or whomever thinks to have a claim to what is from god/source given.)

LONDON — The Dutch financial services group ING said on Wednesday that it would pay 1.13 billion euros ($1.55 billion) to the Dutch government in November as it moves closer to repaying the state aid it received during the financial crisis.

As of its next payment on Nov. 6, ING will have repaid €8.5 billion in principal of the €10 billion it received from the Dutch government in 2008, plus an additional €2.8 billion in interest and premiums.

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