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John Ward – Hackgate Day 490 : After Rebekah’s Arrest, The Chancellor Re-evaluates His Relationship With David Cameron – 16 May 2012

Image“Whaddya mean ‘we’ Dave?”

Underworld sporting personality and socialite George ‘Giddy’ Osborne was seen suffering from Rapid Shifty Eye Movement this afternoon, following the arrest of old Estonian Chuck Brooks and his gangster’s Moll Becky Redtop. Continue reading


John Ward – Budget : Osborne Dreams Up The Non Idea Of The Century – 14 March 2012

With the bond markets wary of anything beyond a 100 days, the Chancellor offers them something for a hundred years.

I had my doubts about Draper Osborne pretty much from Day One really, but I wasn’t entirely sure he was a plonker until he started singing the praises of Frufru Lagarde. I realise, naturally, that he only did so because she was being nice about his fiscal policy at the time; but anyone with an ounce of common sense would know that proffering any public praise of Mme Lagarde is a hostage to fortune. Continue reading