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VIsionkeeper – Change Is In The Air All Around Us…- 1 January 2013


Here we are starting off a new year in a new world. We might as well start it off on the right foot. Like the picture says, change your thoughts and you change the world! Let’s review what we have learned and urge all new blog readers who venture in to do as we have done. So what have we learned in the past year? Oh so many things where does one start the list? We began the journey by going within and learning to really know ourselves. Spending time alone with no distractions so we could really take a close look uninterrupted. It is not always an easy thing to do we live in such a techno world. We have forgotten the beauty and power of silence and what it can bring to our lives. We have forgotten simplicity and the truths it reveals to us about who we REALLY are! Take time as you enter into this New World New Year to see how much you have changed and be glad for that. Go inside and clear out those last remaining parts of you that no longer fit with how you think, throw away any baggage of self loathing you are dragging behind you and start looking for the love you are. Continue reading