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Visionkeeper – Change Is Upon Us – 20 April 2012

(picture by http://www.favim.com)

I see nostalgic pictures like this and a part of me wishes things were simple like this again. Yes there is a great convenience and speed in sending emails that I enjoy and use daily, but there is deeper connection missing that electronic email just can’t bring about. The intimacy of hand written letters is almost a thing of the past. How many letters grace your mailbox everyday? Letters are like presents in your mailbox. You pull it out and turn it over and feel it in your hands. You realize in order for that letter to be in your hands somebody had to be thinking of you and take the time to sit down and write what they were thinking and feeling. Sometimes there was a fragrance to the letter when opened, sometimes there was a little something added inside. Letters were magical and I wish their presence would return again bringing with it the simplicity that used to exist in the world back then. Continue reading