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Lisa Gawlas – Changes Abound!! Shattering The Illusions – 6 December 2014

lisagawlas2If the way we do things changes any more than it has… I have watched/witnessed in my own line of work/play everything about the readings, the way I read, what I read, how I read, shift and change over the last decade plus.  There is no doubt in my heart, it is happening again.  But then again, we are speeding up, the field completely morphing into its new version, again.  This last quarter of the year has been filled with radical change on so many levels.  Some obvious, some not near as obvious…. but will be soon.

Yesterday, the readings just became strange, again.  I got previews before our session started, but once the session started, I couldn’t tap into the field to save my life.  Its only this morning I realized that the field itself, is undergoing radical change just like we are. Continue reading