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Suzanne Lie – Checking IN – 5 November 2013

SuzanneLieHello dear readers,

Many other expressions of my SELF have been speaking through my Sue Lie self. However, recently I have been feeling a need to speak through the very human I just wrote about releasing. I will call these messages “Checking In” because the best way for me to check in with my SELF is to write and share. Also, I feel a need to share my experience because I know that many of you are having similar experiences and may want to share them in the comments section. Continue reading

Visionkeeper – Checking In – 27 January 2013

favim_com-11598(picture by http://www.favim.com)

Happy Sunday to all. I just wanted to drop in and say hi and share a few thoughts I have had running around my head. The energies have seemed very in tense to me lately. They are feel heavy and stick like Velcro. It is hard to separate from them and so I just succumb to them for now. The headaches I could do without but I am assuming there is work being done within my brain, adjusting me further for 5D. I am pretty exhausted by these energies and find myself resting often and taking naps at odd times like 6:30 at night. Too early for bed but my eyes have ten thousand pound weights on them and there is no fighting the urge and so I slip away for a brief time. Continue reading