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PressTV US – Pre-NATO Summit Protests Target Evictions, Foreclosures – 17 May 2012

Dozens of activists have gathered in Chicago’s financial district to protest evictions and foreclosures.

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Occupy Chicago, Houston, Dallas in Solidarity with OccupyWallStreet.

Occupy Chicago, Houston, Dallas in Solidarity with OccupyWallStreet. via 2012IndyInfo.wordpress.com by Steve Beckow



Occupy Chicago camps out in front of Federal Reserve Building in solidarity with OccupyWallStreet.

And Occupy Houston planned for Oct. 6, 2011….

And Occupy Dallas planned for the same day….   And…. Thanks to Jenna.

September 23rd, 2011 · 

Welcome to OCCUPY TOGETHER, a hub for all of the events springing up across the country in solidarity with Occupy Wall St. As  we have followed the news on facebook, twitter, and the various live  feeds across the internet, we felt compelled to build a site that would  help spread the word as more protests organize across the country. We  hope to provide people with information about events that are  organizing, ongoing, and building across the U.S. as we, the 99%, take  action against the greed and corruption of the 1%.

We will try our best to provide you with the most accurate  information possible. However, we are just a few volunteers and errors  are bound to occur. Please be patient as we get this site off the ground  and populated and please contact us if you have any info on new events,  corrections, or suggestions for this site. You can contact us at info[at]occupytogether[dot]org.

We will only grow stronger in our solidarity and we will be heard, not just in New York, but in echoes across this nation.

September 26th, 2011 · 

We’ve witnessed an exponentially growing list of communities that  are banding together with our brothers and sisters on Wall St. by  organizing solidarity actions in their cities. This rise in support has  been incredibly inspiring and has promoted many of you to become active  in organizing an event in your area. Through the enthusiasm and  excitement of wanting to show your support you are all working  diligently to organize events in a short amount of time. As we have  followed some of theses group’s efforts we’ve seen many different  approaches to organizing. We’ve also fielded many questions on advice  and how to information on effectively organizing. We wanted to feature  Portland as an example for those of you would like a model to follow or  to take from as they have done a great job joining and organizing  efforts in a very short amount of time. Of course, each group dynamic is  going to vary and what worked for Portland may not work for you, but at  least this will give you an idea of how others are doing it.

A couple of members from Portland filled us in on their process:

Basically it all comes down to networking and extensive planning. The  initial construction of the Occupy Portland Facebook group was backed  by some pretty frequent tweeting. Once we started getting a huge  following, there were more and more discussions popping up on the  Facebook group. We were discussing where it should be, what Portland  laws were regarding “urban camping”, as well as a number of other  concerns. We then held a General Assembly to further organize where were  all in consensus with our future actions and demonstration details.  After we compiled notes from the GA, we discussed them further on the  Facebook group. Once we had the frame work of what everyone wanted and  expected we set up a Facebook page and web site to better organize and  announce future details.

Sending messages to those working at Occupy Wall Street was  definitely helped us gain notice. People are heavily following  #occupywallstreet, #takewallstreet, #usdor, as well as a number of other  widely used hash tags. Each tweet sent out would include a tag with a  trending tag, my city (#pdx) as well as a link to the facebook group.

Also we paid attention to the amount of followers people had, and mentioned them as well.

Portlanders were watching, so they were bound to jump on board once  they knew about a protest here. Nearly all of us are using Twitter, so  they used the same approach when spreading the group link around the  internet.

Advice using Facebook:

We first started a Group that opened up discussion to hear out  everyone’s ideas, concerns and thoughts on how they could help. This was  a very important stage in our organizational efforts.

General Assembly:

I think the most important thing for us was using the General  Assembly model and making each decision everyone’s decision. This helped  us remain unified. Legal assistance, bike deliveries, medics,  photographers, people who can stream the protest, and similar topics  were brought up. We covered nearly all the bases, and most of us left  with a pretty hefty amount of notes. Notes from the General Assembly  were posted online on a page for everyone in the Portland group to see.

Legal Advice:

Contact your local National Lawyers Guild early on for legal advice  in your area. We are holding a seminar with the National Lawyers Guild  so that we can become versed in the proper execution of a demonstration  like this. They have confirmed that legal observers will be present  durring our demonstration. We are also planning to hold a meeting with  them where we discuss the importance of nonviolence and the proper way  to conduct oneself in civil disobedience.

Additional Thoughts:

It’s extremely important to make sure extensive preparation goes into  a something this big. Some people have certain contacts who would be  useful, others are volunteering to do a specific job. It all comes as we  address what needs to be seen and done upon Occupation.

We stressed something several times: this needs to remain non-violent.Remaining  peaceful helps the overall image of this nationwide movement. If things  do become violent, we acknowledge that staying calm only helps the  cause. If we have arrests then we will have the footage immediately  uploaded. It helps those in NYC by showing that the cops are abusing our  rights, and that this thing is nothing like the misleading media says.

Helpful Links:

nycga.net Find up to date information on the NYC General Assembly.

occupywallst.org News, video feed, forum & chat.

http://nycga.cc/2011/09/24/principles-of-solidarity-working-draft/ Working Draft of the Principles of Solidarity

www.nlg.org National Lawyers Guild

September 25th, 2011 · 

There was a really fantastic article that is making its rounds  across the internet as the United States still sits in a media blackout  on this topic. It will only be a matter of days, however, that this  story spreads wider across the country. Already, many are beginning to  hear about what is happening with those who Occupy Wall St. and the  ripple effect it is having across the country.

Check out The Guardian article, it’s a good read (and don’t forget to share it with all of your friends).

“We might do well to consider the collapse of the  European colonial empires. It certainly did not lead to the rich  successfully grabbing all the cookies, but to the creation of the modern  welfare state. We don’t know precisely what will come out of this  round. But if the occupiers finally manage to break the 30-year  stranglehold that has been placed on the human imagination, as in those  first weeks after September 2008, everything will once again be on the  table – and the occupiers of Wall Street and other cities around the US  will have done us the greatest favour anyone possibly can.”

2 of 3 Bright UFO Orbs Recorded Over Chicago, USA, 29 August 2011






Watch in HD. At 8:30 PM CDT August 29, 2011 the first of three UFO orbs flew over my house. I did not have my camcorder for the first of them but got it for the second and this is what I caught. The 2nd UFO passed over at 8:34 PM CDT then the third brightest flew over at 8:39 PM, all were flying South East. Shortly after I recorded them I received a youtube email from Iwant2believe2 stating they had seen 3 seperate UFO orbs fly over there part of Illinois. They said the third orb was the brightest and that is exactly what I saw and recorded. I asked them to do a MUFON report and I will probably do the same in the morning because its to late and I have to get up for work in 5 hours. Thanks for watching please feel free to comment rate email me friend or subscribe. Will add more details tomorrow.

Daytime UFO Chicago, 14 August 2011

After S&P Downgrade, Chicagoans Take to Streets, Demand Arrest of Bankers

Immediately following the announcement of the S&P downgrade, defiant Chicagoans took the the streets and demanded the arrest of the Bankers and an the end of the Federal Reserve system. This was never covered on any news outlet.

via 2012IndyInfo.wordpress.com

Chicago Space Objects July 20, 2011 by Chitown UFO Redhooknoodles on the Beat