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ZeroHedge – China’s “Evaporated” Collateral Scandal Spreads To Second Port – 10 June 2014

ZeroHedgeStarting back in May of 2013, we first predicted that China’s “Lehman event”, even more troubling than the recent advent of Chinese corporate bankruptcies and perhaps even its housing crisis, namely the “discovery” that behind China’s virtually-infinite rehypothecation machine – the backbone of its shadow funding markets – the amount of actual physical commodities is severely limited and misrepresented, meaning that for every paper claim on an underlying “funding” metal, there are pennies on the dollar, or renminbi as the case may be, of actual underlying collateral. Or, as MF Global’s Jon Corzine may say, “it evaporated.” A year later, this too prediction has come true, and overnight none other than Goldman laid out a checklist of just how the recent revelation that not all bonded warehouses at the port of Qingdao, China’s third largest, will become the catalyst to further CCFD unwinding.

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