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UFO Report – Chinese Airport Closed Due To UFO Sighting – 8 January 2012

photo picture from the YouTube video below

photo on the left from german.china.org

via  http://www.para-news.de/index.php/archives/419-Chinesischer-Flughafen-wegen-UFO-Sichtung-gesperrt.html this is in German written, I will translate.

In the South-West  of Chinese Chengdu was a airplane flightcontrol being conducted on tuesday 3th Jan. 2012 at Airport Shuangliu.The internet though spreads the rumour a UFO and not this airplane flightcontrol measure was the reason for closing the airport. This control was being conducted at 11.20 till 12.30. All flights were cancelled and 33 flights were delayed. That was being confirmed by the the people in charge of the airport and the Ministery of Flightcontrol of Sichuan. Continue reading