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Lisa Gawlas – Choices, The Equinox And The Potential First Contact! – 8 March 2014

lisagawlas2Sometimes, I think my team loves to just watch this crazy human stew in her own juices.  I have said many times, we are their comedy show.  There they are, with their tub of pop corn, laughing their butts off at how seriously we can take ourselves.  Every now and then, they leap off their chairs and celebrate our mile stone of getting ourselves out of the stewed up juice.

I pondered every single thing I did and most importantly (to me) what I did not do since March began all the way thru my morning yesterday.  Choices, geez louise!!  Finally I found the right question to ask… what kind of choices are you talking about that allows for the new experiences this whole year is embedded with.  Altho I love my voyeur kind of life, I really want to be a participant as well!!  Ohhhhh, the relief that flooded in. Continue reading


Lisa Gawlas – Choices, Acceleration And Life’s Kick In The Paints To Make Sure We Stay in Alignment! – 17 April 2013

kick-in-the-pantsThese days are really turning up the heat, energetically.  The new moon energies from this past weekend is still very much in play, pushing on the energy field like a leaf blower.   If you can imagine, this energy is coming in at your back as you walk forward.  Then we have the energy of this eclipse sandwich, which already happened in our (perceived) future, blasting us in the face.   Couple this with the energy that was released from the sun on April 11th, an M6 solar flare, granted, not the strongest flare the sun is capable of, but combined with these other two energies, it’s strength and direction would make even the strongest X class flare blush. Continue reading

Lucas – Choices, Choices And The Fine Tuning In The Now – 7 March 2013

how-can-your-gift-giving-lead-to-more-responsible-career-choicesAfter the  weekend it became clear the current moment is used for the coloring of the new paradigm in having you to see clearly what it is you are still up against or maybe not. It  is the time for making choices and choices.  Your choices. Nobody else is responsible for that is to BE in your life or for BEing you. You have an infinite possibility of choices at your disposal.  Continue reading