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Visionkeeper – Choosing A Path And Staying On It – 16 July 2013

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As we begin to adjust to the new world slowly unfolding before us, it is now time to decide what path we are going to choose to go down. Are we going to remain stuck within the distorted memes of the old paradigm, or are we going to go free and open our arms and embrace a whole new way of being, free of all the limitations on who we can be? We have entered the final end stage of our journey and it is time to make our decision. We can no longer sit quietly on the fence and dabble our feet in both worlds. It has been a difficult time, for as we have grown in knowledge, we are finding it more and more difficult to accept what we see going on around us. The truth of reality is escaping little by little and as we ingest more of it, the old ways no longer fit. Continue reading