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Sophia Love – Choosing Your Earth – 29 July 2013

https://i1.wp.com/www.sophialove.org/uploads/9/1/8/7/9187694/3326901.jpgEvery so often I stick my toe in the deep end of “popular” culture just to gauge its relevance.  Feeling especially reckless, I may go as deep as to read the Reddit comments or listen to call in AM radio shows. In the midst of one such dip today, a sudden thought appeared “We are already living on more than one earth.”
I’ve been holding out for one catalyzing event and a split.  What I see today are many splits and multiple events.  Perhaps we’ll all experience a singular, life altering moment, yet right now we are in the midst of a seamless, rapid, inescapable shift.  I’ve crossed over and there is no going back. Continue reading