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NaturalSociety – Christina Sarich – Colorado Crime Rates Down 14.6% Since Legalizing Marijuana – 21 April 2014


Guess what happens when marijuana is legalized? Not only do you not have to steal it, but it also makes your state tons of cash while dropping crime rates in every conceivable fashion. At least that’s what some stats are showing. Even though many Denver city officials, including Mayor Michael Hancock, fought pot legalization tooth and nail saying it would cause increases in petty crimes and even sexual assault, just three months after Colorado voters helped pass the legalization of marijuana, Denver is enjoying a 14.6% decrease in crime from the same time last year.

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WakingTimes – Christina Sarich – The Co-Evolution Of Bees And Flowers: An Electric Symbiosis Not To Be Interrupted With Pesticide Chemicals – 8 April 2014

waking_times_logo_6-5-12_1If you are still spraying your nursery flowers and plants with neonicotinoid insecticides, you are likely interrupting an age-old dance carried out between bees and flowers. Not only are bees dying from the use of these dangerous chemicals, but the act is interrupting a long and beneficial history between the two.

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Laura Bruno – Christina Sarich :New Lawsuit Filed Against USDA Over Missing Docs Showing GMO Dangers – 15 March 2014

laura-of-the-rocksSurprise, surprise, Monsanto has undue influence. This does, however, raise some interesting questions about “organic” straw bale gardening, which I was just researching last night. I opted not to do it because I aim for less, not more water usage; however, I did wonder how we would know what kind of straw we’re getting if we buy it at a bigger store rather than from a farmer. “Data now shows that 90% of all alfalfa grown in the US is covered in Round Up Ready chemicals.” Do I want that in my lasagna garden beds and compost? Maybe a moot point since I used two straw bales for layering our front yard, but I will definitely check more carefully for future mulch layers. … Thanks, G!

Christina Sarich ~ New Lawsuit Filed Against USDA Over Missing Docs Showing GMO Dangers

NaturalSociety March 14 2014

Like many Americans, you may be beating your head against the wall trying to figure out how governmental agencies could so blatantly ignore the facts concerning GMO dangers. A new lawsuit filed March 12, 2014 by Center for Food Safety (CFS) demands that federal documents be released which might incriminate the United States Department of Agriculture over findings that GMO were harmful, while shielding the public from this knowledge. The complaint is filed with the US District Court for the District of Columbia, and can be viewed in full, here.

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WakingTimes – Christina Sarich – HAARP In Action And Its True Purpose – 31 January 2014



(Lucas: Not new info but for those not knowing about it a good start to find your directions.)

The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) is not an imagined conspiracy theory. The resounding ‘sonic boom’ and strange flashing lights of a HAARP ‘experiment’ have been observed by countless citizens. So is it just a benign technology designed to enhance the ionosphere, as our government has claimed, or is it up to other abominable tasks?

We are told that HAARP’s powerful antennae are just creating ‘controlled local modifications of the ionosphere’, but there is surely more than that going on. The theories about what HAARP really does abound, and some will make you think long and hard before dismissing them, no matter how far out they seem.

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NaturalSociety – Christina Sarich – CDC Not Legally Required To Tell The Truth About Anything, Including Vaccines – 11 January 2014

Natural Society

Since the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) aren’t legally required to tell the truth about anything, why should they? Maybe this is just one of many reasons the public is unaware of the many problems revolving around America’s health system.

The CDC is perhaps the most malicious in their information-twisting. Consider this recent upheaval about flu vaccinations. According to Dr. Peter Doshi in a British Medical Journal article review (BMJ 2013; 346:f3037):

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CLN – Christina Sarich – Natural Immunity: 8+ Natural Antibiotics To Replace The Pharmaceuticals For Good – 12 November 2013

consciouslifenewsThe overuse of antibiotics has become a modern-day epidemic. These drugs have depleted our natural immunity by killing the good bacteria in our guts and also creating super-bugs that have become resistant to almost any form of prescribed drug around. Instead of making yourself weaker, and depleting your body’s natural ability to cure itself from any number of ailments, try utilizing natural foods and herbs to ditch the Big Pharma meds for good. Continue reading

CLN – Christina Sarich – Monsanto & Friends Make Biggest Illegal Contribution On Record To Stop GMO Labelling In Washington – 5 November 2013

consciouslifenewsIf you haven’t already heard of the Grocery Manufacturer’s of America and their aims at stopping Initiative 522 from passing in Washington just days from now, you will shortly. With companies like Monsanto taking the lead, millions of dollars have been funneled illegally through a slush fund to try to sway voters against passing the 522 Initiative that would require grocery stores that sell foods containing GMO food to label it as such. Continue reading

WakingTimes – Christina Sarich – Trained For Violence: How Video Games Affect The Brain – 24 October 2013

waking_times_logo_6-5-12_1The brain is a very adaptable organ. It has the cognitive ability to adapt to stress, whether real or imagined, but do violent video games and movies actually help us to adapt to a sadistic world, or help to create one?

Gamers and researchers have been on both sides of this argument, but with all the advances in brain imaging and the new studies in neuroplasticity, it seems hard to deny that old axiom that what goes in must come out. Part of the problem is that our brains are so adaptable, and a relatively new study coming out of the University of Missouri (U of M) shows that violent video games appear to make people more aggressive and desensitized to the violence that we see in our every day world. While this finding seems obvious, it is still relatively groundbreaking in science to understand that the relationship between our mind and our subjective experience actually has physical effects on our body and brain, effects that are dramatic and can even be enduring. Continue reading

WakingTimes – Christina Sarich – Study Proves Sustainable Farms, Organic Farming Beats Factory Farms – 18 October 2013

waking_times_logo_6-5-12_1For those who are appalled at the way animals are treated in conventional livestock production, there is a better way. Sustainable livestock production practices include providing greater animal welfare, increasing biodiversity, and extending good working conditions to those who care for the animals, all while maintaining a profitable business. A new study clarifies this further, showing how sustainable livestock care outperforms that of factory farms.

More and more people are turning to small farms and more sustainable practices as a means to get their meat. New research from the University of Cambridge (U of C) has identified silvopastoral systems of livestock production as a means of sustainable, ethically sourced food production. This system differs from the tiny cages and infinitesimal square footage that our livestock is most often raised in now. It includes shrubs, and trees with edible leaves or fruits and lots of herbs for natural grazing.

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CLN – Christina Sarich – 3 Companies Using GMOs In Baby Formula – 14 October 2013

consciouslifenewsIt seems with the many reports of birth defects, organ failure, cancer, and other unsavory health conditions associated with GMO consumption, we should limit the use of GMO in baby products. After all, babies are very sensitive to the foods they consume, and we already know that pesticides found in mother’s milk can be damaging. Below you will learn of three companies which represent more than 90% of baby formula sales in the US that won’t consider removing GMOs from your baby’s food. Continue reading