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WakingTimes – Christina Sarich – Trained For Violence: How Video Games Affect The Brain – 24 October 2013

waking_times_logo_6-5-12_1The brain is a very adaptable organ. It has the cognitive ability to adapt to stress, whether real or imagined, but do violent video games and movies actually help us to adapt to a sadistic world, or help to create one?

Gamers and researchers have been on both sides of this argument, but with all the advances in brain imaging and the new studies in neuroplasticity, it seems hard to deny that old axiom that what goes in must come out. Part of the problem is that our brains are so adaptable, and a relatively new study coming out of the University of Missouri (U of M) shows that violent video games appear to make people more aggressive and desensitized to the violence that we see in our every day world. While this finding seems obvious, it is still relatively groundbreaking in science to understand that the relationship between our mind and our subjective experience actually has physical effects on our body and brain, effects that are dramatic and can even be enduring. Continue reading

WakingTimes – Christina Sarich – Study Proves Sustainable Farms, Organic Farming Beats Factory Farms – 18 October 2013

waking_times_logo_6-5-12_1For those who are appalled at the way animals are treated in conventional livestock production, there is a better way. Sustainable livestock production practices include providing greater animal welfare, increasing biodiversity, and extending good working conditions to those who care for the animals, all while maintaining a profitable business. A new study clarifies this further, showing how sustainable livestock care outperforms that of factory farms.

More and more people are turning to small farms and more sustainable practices as a means to get their meat. New research from the University of Cambridge (U of C) has identified silvopastoral systems of livestock production as a means of sustainable, ethically sourced food production. This system differs from the tiny cages and infinitesimal square footage that our livestock is most often raised in now. It includes shrubs, and trees with edible leaves or fruits and lots of herbs for natural grazing.

Read the whole story at: www.wakingtimes.com / link to original article

CLN – Christina Sarich – 3 Companies Using GMOs In Baby Formula – 14 October 2013

consciouslifenewsIt seems with the many reports of birth defects, organ failure, cancer, and other unsavory health conditions associated with GMO consumption, we should limit the use of GMO in baby products. After all, babies are very sensitive to the foods they consume, and we already know that pesticides found in mother’s milk can be damaging. Below you will learn of three companies which represent more than 90% of baby formula sales in the US that won’t consider removing GMOs from your baby’s food. Continue reading

CLN – Christina Sarich – FDA Rules Against Good, Organic Food With Food Safety Modernization Act

consciouslifenewsIt’s time to take action against the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) who has become so inanely vacuous that it will take some serious activist action to wake them up from their lobbyist-induced comas. In a white paper released by the Cornucopia Institute, the relatively new rules of the FDA’s Food Safety Modernization Act are drawn into question. According to their expert opinion, and to what has seemed obvious to many of us for years, our food safety is in serious jeopardy. Continue reading

WakingTimes – Christina Sarich – Micro-chipped Pharmaceuticals Given Green Light By Medical Totalliatrians – 16 August 2013

waking_times_logo_6-5-12_1Proteus Digital Health which recently changed their name from Proteus Biomedical has been given approval by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to dose you with a micro-chipped pill. The company has been working with the FDA since 2008, at its own admission, to ‘determine the regulatory pathway for this new technology.’ Just weeks ago, this ‘technology’ application was processed ‘in accordance with the de novo provisions of the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act for low-risk devices that have no predicate on the market.’ Continue reading

WakingTimes – Christina Sarich – Love Without Expectation – 16 July 2013

Flickr-love-SaraiRachel-300x199A good traveler has no fixed plans and is not intent on arriving.” ~ Lao Tzu 

On our paths we often encounter friends, lovers, even enemies that we want to offer affection or tenderness, but is it true love we really give them? Is it true compassion, acceptance of who they are in this moment without the desire to change them? Without expectation for what they ‘should’ be, or who they ‘ought’ to be for us? Do we give them a rope just long enough to hang themselves or a laundry list of secret requirements they must meet in order to be our friend, our lover, our mentor, or fellow human being? Love without expectation is true love. It is rare, and complex, just like the path into one’s own inner nature. Continue reading

WakingTimes – Christina Sarich – Did US Supreme Court Justice, Clarence Thomas, Pave The Way For Monsanto’s Current Reign Over The World Food Supply? – 12 July 2013

Flickr-Supreme-Court-Phil-Roeder-300x200Emmy award winning filmmaker, Robert Kenner tried to warn us about Monsanto in his 2008 documentary, Food, Inc. In this groundbreaking film he exposes the Agribusiness giants for the frauds they truly are. He claims their corporate greed is the cause of both unhealthy food, and food that is environmentally irresponsible. Continue reading