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Christina – Coming Of Age – Our Unity Soul Human And Divine – 24 February 2013

A new archetypal human is being birthed.

Spiritual maturity has no precursor, age is not a factor, soul progression is. The soul’s journey unwinds and travels along a vast continuum, marked by a progression of events, carrying us towards both our descent and ascent. Our maturity arises out of the ashes of our self-imposed cremation. Out of the cosmic white fire, we emerge as a new incarnation. Continue reading

Christina – Dream The New Dream In 2013 – 6 January 2013

white-rosesToday I chose to walk the grounds of this exquisite forty acres of land where I rest my heart each and every day. I found a dozen small white rose bushes next to an adjacent plot with a tennis court. After I gathered the tiny white roses I arranged a floral nosegay bouquet for the dining table. This imbued the entire room with light and an aroma of love. Continue reading

Christina – Living The Light – Our Golden Merkaba – 24 December 2012

dodecahedron_9_big_a_5002Golden Merkaba

Here we are moving through a magnificent period in our evolution. All is in a continual motion towards our recognition of an event that surpassed all understanding. We read, watched and listened to scores and scores of material, insights, projections and of course, we heard our own inner intentions. Continue reading

Christina – Into The Heart Of The Ocean – Standing At The Brink Of Our Choosing – 22 November 2012

Often we assume we have limited options, to the contrary, Looking out, we see we have more than one. As we step aside from our current existence we see that in the offering we in fact have a few options. While we may be a bit perplexed at what we are viewing on the rosy pink horizon, the fuchsia lit sky holds the promise of our new home away from home. Continue reading

Christina – Practical Insights For The Ascent Of Our Soul – 6 November 2012

This weekend I was in communication with someone who contacted me for Mentoring. At this person’s request I responded in writing and via a recording to provide assistance. This session falls under the realm of Mentoring. Continue reading

Christina – Your Higher Calling – 21 October 2012

The Wisdom of the Ages Speaks ~ We are here for the sake of each other. Freedom clearly is our reason for being. It is a freedom that is beyond civil liberties—it is the liberation of truth found within our heart.

It is the freedom to love. We are eternal beings here for a short time.

The shift of the ages is right before us it is front and center. We are a group of beings, revealing our selves as the new human, existing in both a formless and human body simultaneously. We dwell in our body consciousness enmeshed with our cosmic consciousness. We are not alone. We are surrounded by each other having a co-joint experience. Continue reading

Christina Fisher – Our Role : To Assist With The Planetary Retrofitting of Gaia – Sovereign Souls And The Rule Of Love (A Message From Gaia) – 6 October 2012

(picture by Josephine Wall Presence of Gaia-UK copyright)

What is the retrofitting of Gaia? I opened a clear space for invocation and contact with my Cosmic Soul in direct connection to The Living Light. This is the transmission I received. It is appropriate to what is occurring today and more are awakened to receive such a communication. I am re-posting this discourse for our current timeline event. Each in our own way, contribute to the ascension of our planet and all inhabitants of planet earth. I am sharing a transmission that I received during one of my weekly live transmissions. I first received the message during the London Olympics. It applies in regard to our current transition, as it does appear there is a transformative event to occur within our immediate reality. Continue reading