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Natalie Glasson – Circle For Ascension – Master Kuthumi – 4 February 2012

My beloved loved ones, I come forward with much excitement to greet you. Much love pours from my heart and entire being to embrace you. We are one energy and I see the presence of oneness between humanity and the Creator growing tremendously. Oneness, unity and a continuous  flow of energy are extremely important for all at this most sacred time as it will allow for the much needed transitions to take place. As always it is my mission to awaken your being
and soul, allowing you to ascended a little more with each and every day you exist in physical form. I wish to speak with you about  a process that will assist in clearing your energies, increasing the flow of energy within your being and allowing for a deeper connection with the Creator.  With change occurring so readily and easily upon the Earth and within your being I wish to bring forward some inspiration to assist in merging your energies as one and maintaining an appropriate vibration of energy. Continue reading